After chaos, ‘competent’ looks appealing

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When it’s time for your annual job review at work and your boss rates you “competent” that’s not a time for celebration. A “competent” rating means you won’t be fired, but you probably won’t be getting a raise or promotion either. A competent performance is indeed a low bar…everywhere but in politics where it appears beyond reach. No wonder only

Forgotten painting inspires children’s book

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by Mike Knaak Author Tim Drake had been waiting 15 years for his latest book, “The Attic Saint,” to become a reality, but as the delivery deadline arrived and the book still hadn’t, he was growing impatient. “It’s been 15 years of waiting. I still haven’t held the book,” Drake said last week as he showed a visitor his

This month’s community meal adds holiday cheer

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photo by Mike KnaakFirst United Methodist Choir members sing during the congregation's community meal on Dec. 21. The singers are (from left) Jim Davis, Rick Lorenz, Carol Miller, Tom Sibley and Michelle Hedgren. Tess Kasling plays the piano. photo by Mike KnaakPeople line up for the community meal at First United Methodist Church. The congregation serves an average of 75

Public hearing to involve end to dog-license requirement

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by Dennis Dalman The city of Sartell is considering dropping the requirement for dog licenses, and that proposal – along with some other proposed changes to the city’s animal ordinance – will be the topic of a public hearing at the Jan. 13 Sartell City Council meeting. In a memo to the City council, city staff stated, “The city

Next year’s school calendar approved

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by Mike Knaak Next year’s Sartell-St. Stephen school calendar is set. With a later Labor Day, school will start on Tuesday, Sept. 8, and the school year will end on Thursday, June 3, for a total 172 instruction days. Friday, June 4, will be a teacher in-service day. With major building moves planned over the summer, the later Labor

ConneX will continue but with reduced hours

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The ConneX on-demand bus service in Sartell will continue for another year, but with reduced hours and an expanded service area. The extension through Dec. 31, 2020, will provide Metro Bus staff an opportunity to gather information about the performance of the service. Service times will change starting Sunday, Feb. 2. Weekday service will be from 6:30 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday