Instead of Democrats, stick with Trump

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Bob Grise, St. Joseph Chaos replaced competence in the Oval Office writes Editor of the St. Joseph Newsleader, Mike Knaak. Democrats’ policies are so bad they can’t win the debate, so they call those that disagree with them names like Russian stooge, racist, homophobe, climate denier and now causers of chaos. No chaos when nice guys like George Bush and

Embrace a plant-based diet for the new year

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Serge Nesbitt, Sartell The end-of-year/New Year holidays seem to whiplash us from one extreme to the other: eat, drink and be merry versus the customary New Year’s resolutions: reduce social media, reduce weight and embrace a plant-based diet! One third of consumers already report reducing their consumption of animal foods. Hundreds of school, college, hospital, and corporate cafeterias have embraced

After delay, new Pine Meadow traffic plan begins

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by Mike Knaak After a one-week delay waiting for signs and barriers, the new  student drop-off traffic plan at Pine Meadow Elementary School began Jan. 9. The change blocks left turns into the school from Fifth Street N. The change is needed, school and city officials said, because traffic is backing up on Pinecone Road as far south as

Donor offers matching funds for Riverview fundraising

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by Mike Knaak Thanks to a donor who has pledged up to $100,000 in matching funds, the Sartell-St. Stephen Education Foundation launched a campaign to fund cutting-edge equipment and materials for Riverview Intermediate School. The effort is the group’s largest fundraising campaign and the first to target specific programs that will serve third-, fourth- and fifth-graders in the district’s

Lions continue spirit of giving

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by Carolyn Bertsch On a brisk, sunny Saturday morning, Jan. 4, Le Sauk Lions Club members drove up and down Sartell streets in four trucks with trailers to collect dry, brittle, expired Christmas trees to deliver to the city’s compost site. The trees were gathered from driveways in several neighborhoods in exchange for a minimum $7 donation and a

Sabres flex at Vex

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photo by Carolyn BertschSabres flex at VexSartell’s Raging Bulls Team gives “thumbs up” to compete against Ramsey’s Team Furious George Jan. 4 at the Vex EDR Tournament which took place at the Sartell Middle School. Thirty teams from seven middle schools competed in the all-day event and three Sartell teams, including Raging Bulls, qualified for the state tournament. Pictured are

New solar panels power Millstream building

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by Mike Knaak From street level, the newest addition to downtown St. Joseph isn’t visible. But a climb to the top of Millstream Shops & Lofts reveals the roof filled with a new installation of solar panels. The solar equipment was installed in the last month and should be in operation in the next few weeks once Xcel Energy

New guidelines set for roadside memorials

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by Dennis Dalman It’s one of the saddest sights along roadways: crosses, flowers and memorabilia “planted” in a ditch where a loved one died in an accident. However, such memorials are also a cause for public safety. That is why the Sartell City Council passed an ordinance at its Dec.9 meeting regarding roadside memorials. In a memo to the