Instead of Democrats, stick with Trump

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Bob Grise, St. Joseph

Chaos replaced competence in the Oval Office writes Editor of the St. Joseph Newsleader, Mike Knaak. Democrats’ policies are so bad they can’t win the debate, so they call those that disagree with them names like Russian stooge, racist, homophobe, climate denier and now causers of chaos.

No chaos when nice guys like George Bush and RINOS like Paul Ryan John Boehner were letting the Democrats walk all over them. What’s more chaotic than the open borders Democrat leaders desire? We have immigration laws.

Was it higher taxes and excessive regulation, that killed our economic growth, a sign of competence during the Obama years? Was it setting the Middle East on fire by pulling our troops out of Iraq?  Those messes have largely been fixed by Trump policies. Was sending $150 billion to Iran a competent move?  Obama is remembered for green-energy boondoggles, skyrocketing electric rates, a stagnant economy and doctor shortages – an Obamacare side effect. Obama could have renegotiated NAFTA, but he didn’t, Trump did. Spying on American citizens will be Obama’s legacy.

Knaak’s claim that corporations didn’t share their tax cut and that manufacturing jobs are down is false. Corporate employees received bonuses and stockholders saw dividend and stock prices rise. The corporate tax cut was a competitive move – other countries had cut their corporate taxes. Manufacturing employment is way up over three years ago. Sign companies are doing well as the Democrats buy a lot of signs that call for banning this, that and the other thing. What happened to freedom and tolerance?

As for climate, I was looking forward to the end of snow but it didn’t happen. Climate Scientist Dr. Lindzen says “Believing CO2 controls the climate is pretty close to believing in magic.” A competent President doesn’t base policy on a failed hypothesis.

And now we have impeachment without high crimes and misdemeanors. Another incompetent time-wasting move by the Democrats, but that’s all they have.  Editor Knaak can have all the angry Amys, dementia Joes and commy Bernies he wants, I’m sticking with Trump.

Author: Mike Knaak

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