Oct. 30 St. Joseph people

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Lauren Vouk, daughter of Lisa and Frank Vouk, St. Joseph, recently earned an excellence scholarship to attend Concordia College, Moorhead. She is a graduate of Holdingford High School. Two St. Joseph students recently graduated from Bemidji State University. They and their degree are the following: Margaret Donnay, bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude; and Derek Ertl, bachelor’s degree. Local drivers nominated

Hintgen beats Covid forces to build shed

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by Dennis Dalman news@thenewsleaders.com There’s more than one way to beat Covid-19’s repercussions, and it took Lucas Hintgen a long time to do, but he did it. Lucas, 15, a member of Sartell Boy Scout Troop 211, had planned an Eagle Scout project for May, but complications caused indirectly by the vicious virus threat kept jeopardizing the project. Lucas’s plan

Lions battle buckthorn in park

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by Dennis Dalman news@thenewsleaders.com First the four men donned protective gear for hands, eyes and ears, then they marched forward and began the battle – the battle against buckthorn in Sartell’s Lions Community Park. Buckthorn is a formidable “enemy,” an invasive species that threatens healthy vegetation not just in Lions Park but just about everywhere in Minnesota and other places.

Drop-off ballot times extended

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A drive-thru election ballot drop-off service has been extended by the Stearns County Service Center. The extended hours and dates began Oct. 27. As of today, Oct. 30, people may fill in their ballots and, if they so choose, drop them off at a drive-thru at the service center during the following hours and dates: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday, Oct.

Oct. 30 Sartell-St. Stephen people

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Help us honor our veterans during the month of November. The Sartell Historical Society and the Sartell Community Center want to display pictures of military members past and present with a connection to Sartell. Bring copies of pictures to Ann at the Sartell Community Center by Nov. 9. Pictures should include name, dates of service if known, branch of service

Electoral College must be abolished

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We always hear about the electoral college during presidential elections because it’s how we elect the president. Even though we all vote for a candidate, what actually matters is an arcane mathematical formula in which each state gets a proportionate number of electors to actually vote for the president. Our individual votes are supposed to tell our state’s electors whom