A better plan for removing statues

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William Todd Manske, Sartell

The present-day Minnesota Twins organization has removed the statue of former owner Calvin Griffith. Let’s be smart about this national preoccupation with statue removal and just make all statues illegal, especially religious ones.

If we are smart about this, we could talk the state of Nebraska tourism folks into buying them, crushing them, painting them and creating a new work of art right next to Carhenge. Of course, they would call it Statuehenge.

Maybe they could bury one statue secretly and entomb it. They could call that the tomb of the unknown statue. Social workers could guard it 24/7/365 and offer counseling as the statue-loving mourners paid their respects in the future.

I think God would go along with this because he already more or less outlawed statues and expressed his opinion in the second commandment about false idols.

If this letter to the editor has offended anyone, let me apologize in advance. The most likely offended would be the state of Nebraska. But not to worry, that’s the state where I was born and I can assure you they would probably support anything that brought in more tourist dollars.

Author: Mike Knaak

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