Bikers comment on new section of Lake Wobegon trail

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The extension of the Lake Wobegon Trail from St. Joseph to Waite Park opened July 12.

Riders who took part in a ride on opening day offered their opinions.

photo by Dennis Dalman
Ann Heitkamp
St. Cloud
“I’m excited that we now have the trail. I live in St. Cloud but work in St. Joseph at Riff City Guitar. It will be nice to bike to work.”

photo by Dennis Dalman
Rick Schultz
St. Joseph Mayor
“It’s outstanding. I can hardly believe the extension finally happened because I thought for a long time it would just never get done. All the paperwork to get it done! I’m glad it’s here now. I ride the trail a lot.”

photo by Dennis Dalman
Linda Borgerding
“I love it. I’ve use the Wobegon Trail just about every single day, even all the way to Albany. Sometimes I walk on the trail, other times I bike on it.”

photo by Dennis Dalman
Loren Wiener
Sauk Centre
“Oh yes, I like it. I’ve ridden the trail many times back and forth from Sauk Centre to St. Joseph. The new extension to Waite Park is a good addition.”

photo by Dennis Dalman
Nathan Heitkamp
St. Cloud
“Yeah, I like it. I like to ride my bike on the trail.”

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