Boy Scout Troop 211 camps out with moms

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Boy Scout Troop 211 of Sartell recently completed a campout. There is nothing unusual about that. What was different about this endeavor compared to others is the boys took their moms. “We figured our moms had never been camping with us and they would want to see what our campouts look like,” said Dean Amundson, a participant on the campout. “Some of the moms on the campout had never camped before and this was a chance for them to see what we do so often.”
Mom Stephanie Kadlec organized the campout. A total of 11 boys and seven moms spent the night at Charles Lindberg State Park in Little Falls. They enjoyed geocaching, hiking and playing games. The temperature was a little cold for comfort, especially at night for some of the moms. Sunday morning the party awoke to snow. It continued to snow lightly throughout the day, which concluded with a service project of raking leaves for the park.

Pictured left to right are Michael Lindstrom, Peter Amundson, Dean Amundson, Tyler Kadlec, Kaleb Myhrwold, Matt Jokela, Kyle Cielenski, Matt Lindstrom, Eric Schatz and Travis Shroeder. Not pictured are Ethan Berndt, Jodi Berndt, Carrie Cielenski, Stephanie Kadlec, Cathy Lindstrom, Joan Schatz, Louann Schroeder and Charmin Amundson.

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