McGoldrick enters Sixth District race

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Seeks DFL endorsement to defeat Michele Bachmann in November

There are millions of reasons why Brian McGoldrick shouldn’t run against Michele Bachmann, but even more reasons why he is. And why he’ll win.

Successful businessman and Democrat Brian McGoldrick recently announced he is seeking the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor endorsement to run for the U.S. House of Representatives this November, on behalf of Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District.

A resident of, and business owner in, the district for more than 20 years, McGoldrick has employed hundreds of people in companies from retail to wholesaling to manufacturing.

“Minnesota’s Sixth District, perhaps more than any other, represents the true working face of America,” said McGoldrick, a 20-year May Township resident and White Bear Lake business owner. “We’ve got it all — from family farms to tech startups to Mom and Pop businesses to big factories. But we also face serious problems, most importantly, jobs.”

“It’s time for the Sixth District to return to reason. I’d like to get to work in the U.S. House of Representatives to help our people get back to work too,” McGoldrick said. “Here we are in a place ripe with opportunity — natural resources, hard-working citizens and good people — yet we suffer some of the worst unemployment in Minnesota. And Bachmann has done nothing about it. It’s time to replace Bachmann’s hypocrisy of leadership.”

Minnesota’s Sixth District needs representation in Washington that works as hard as its people. McGoldrick isn’t afraid of government and doesn’t think Americans should be either. He thinks it’s time for all of us to believe once again in a government that’s reasonable, fair and optimistic.


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