Buckvold plans to run for mayor

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St. Joseph City Council Member Anne Buckvold says she plans to run for mayor in this fall’s election.

Buckvold was re-elected to the council in 2018. She was appointed in May 2018 to fill out a vacancy created when Matt Killam resigned.

Buckvold said her interest in being mayor is driven by a desire to form “partnerships and consensus” about how the city should operate and grow.

“We’re a small town but we’re getting bigger,” Buckvold said. “There are exciting things we can do.”

The time to file doesn’t open until July 28, but Buckvold says she wants to use the next few months to talk with residents and hear their values and what they want from city government.

Mayor Rick Schultz declined to say if he plans to run for re-election. Schultz has served as mayor since 2010 and he ran unopposed in 2018.

Important local issues include growing what Buckvold calls a “vibrant” downtown, growing the local economy and supporting affordable housing.

“I love the changes I’ve seen and overall, people are feeling good about the town,” she said. “Local government can be a powerful force to create access and connectivity.”

She said she also sees a need for St. Joseph to connect with other area cities to work on issues such as transportation and housing.

Since joining the council, Buckvold has been involved with statewide groups such as the League of Minnesota Cities and the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities. Her work on the coalition includes developing intercity rail transportation across the state.

Buckvold, 43, has lived in St. Joseph for 13 years. She’s employed as a social worker at Tech High School.

In 2016, Buckvold ran for the state House of Representatives in District 13A and lost to incumbent Jeff Howe. Since then she’s focused on local government.

St. Joseph’s mayor serves a two-year term and is one of five members on the City Council.

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Anne Buckvold, St. Joseph City Council



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