Campaign ads have reached a new low

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Christi Scherber, Richmond

Campaign ads have reached a new low. Democrat mail was called “deliberately deceptive” by WCCO. Ads attacking Jeff Johnson’s healthcare plan were given a D- by KSTP for making false claims. Now, it’s hit home with Democrat Joe Perske repeating these lies about Jeff Howe.  

We all know the healthcare mess was started by MNsure in 2013. Costs skyrocketed, people lost plans and the website was a disaster. Howe voted against MNsure so those with pre-existing conditions, who already had coverage through the state, wouldn’t be thrown into the MNsure mess Democrats created.

Thankfully, Howe and Republicans passed reforms in 2017 that protected pre-existing conditions, lowered healthcare costs, and increased options for seniors, farmers and small businesses. As a self-employed dairy farmer, whose family has pre-existing conditions, including cancer, I no longer worry about skyrocketing premiums or losing coverage with Republicans in charge. The Commerce Commissioner and the Minnesota Council of Health Plans thanked the Senate, led by Republicans, for their work to lower healthcare costs when they announced individual rates for 2019 were going down by as much as 27 percent. 

We know what’s at stake in the Senate District 13 election. The Senate is tied between Republicans and Democrats, and whoever wins will set the agenda. Don’t be fooled by Perske’s dishonest ads. I’ll be voting for Jeff Howe and all Republicans on my ballot, and if you want better healthcare, you should too.

Author: Mike Knaak

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