My mother’s diabetes makes me more health conscious

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When I learned recently my mother had Type 2 Diabetes, I felt like Forrest Gump when he learned his mother was ill. In the movie, before a family friend could finish telling him about his mother’s condition, he took off running to be at her side. I have wanted to take off to Ohio for a few weeks now and

Random thoughts on a lot of things

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Ron Scarbro I watched the vice presidential debate. I didn’t think there was much about the attack on our embassy that was funny. It would appear Joseph Biden thought it was. For Obama to deny the attack was terrorism was a calculated political move which somewhat explains his actions, but to deny the embassy additional security when asked, was accessory

Some need answering-machine etiquette

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Somebody ought to teach a course on answering-machine etiquette. Well, maybe somebody does, but I wish everyone would take it. Recently, I had to tell off an old friend who lives in a faraway city because of his lack of answering-machine etiquette. “Would you PLEASE stop second-guessing, berating and bullying me on my answering machine?!” I yelled into the phone.

Warhol’s soup cans turn 50

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In the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, 32 silkscreened canvases, each 20 inches high and 16 inches wide, hang on a wall in four rows of eight. Each canvas is a depiction of a Campbell’s soup can. That multiple-canvas work by pop artist Andy Warhol is now 50 years old. First exhibited in a Los Angeles gallery

Working from home is an adjustment

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There’s a sense of belonging that comes with reporting to work each day. Whether it’s an office, industrial plant or community center, when you get up in the morning, have your breakfast and head to work, you feel like you’re a part of a team. At least I feel this way. Sometimes the team spirit is lost among those who

Some people are just unforgettable

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Sometimes people drift through one another’s lives as if on a barely noticeable breeze. They’re like ships passing on the ocean in the dark. Occasionally, though, someone roars into your life like a hurricane, and that person is never forgotten. I want you to meet Hurricane Kelly. It will be one year this coming Halloween that my friend, James Kelly