Immortal Marilyn continues to fascinate

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If any movie star has a good grip on immortality, it’s got to be Marilyn Monroe. Instead of moldering into oblivion as most “stars” eventually do, Monroe is more popular than ever these days. Last year, an entertaining movie, “My Week with Marilyn,” was released with a knock-out performance by Michelle Williams. This week a book with some never-before-seen photos

How student debt has become a crisis

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Column by Amber Roerick Loans, federal aid and debt – oh my! According to a national bipartisan survey of adults ages 18-34, young adults today believe a college education is more important than it was for their parents’ generation. Now that seems like a reasonable judgment, right? What with the high prices of gas, housing and even groceries, things have

Meeting parents makes wedding plans official

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I recently traveled back home to Ohio to introduce my fiance, Richmond, to the rest of my family. We traveled 20 hours each way by bus to Cleveland. We experienced the added bonus of spending the night in Chicago’s bus station because our connecting bus had only one seat left as we were next in line to board. Nothing brings

Is Opinion Page too opinionated?

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It’s always perplexing and a bit amusing when some readers call the Newsleader Opinion Page “too opinionated.” After all, it’s not called the Opinion Page for nothing. Some other readers like to criticize Opinion Page writers for being “too one-sided” or “too partisan” or “too negative” or “unfair and irresponsible.” When letter-to-editor writers or angry callers use those terms, they

France’s gift to America

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Column by Ron Scarbro Back in the 1700s when America was young and fighting for her independence from England, France came to our rescue. They sent troops, arms and money. Their assistance was invaluable. They later gifted us with the Statue of Liberty, a gift that still shines off our shore welcoming visitors as well as new citizens. During World

I like Facebook; I dislike Facebook

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People often ask me what I think of Facebook. “Not much” is my answer. Well, actually, I should say, “I like it and I dislike it.” I like Facebook because it’s fun to keep up with old friends or acquaintances whom I’ve lost to those twin tyrants – time and distance. In just the past couple of years, it was

Intro to 2012 has been full of loss UB: 5/25

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Don Cornelius. Whitney Houston. Dick Clark. Donna Summer. All passed away this year. All were stars in their own right. It seems lately, each time one turns on the television or reads the newspaper, he or she learns of another celebrity who has passed away. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like this has become the

Goodbye, neighbors from Hell

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Column by Candi Valasity Everyone at some point has had a neighbor they can’t tolerate. They seem to be numerous and unavoidable, but if being a neighbor from Hell were an Olympic event, mine would have a wall of gold, silver and bronze medals. At one apartment I lived in I couldn’t have anything on the wall because the bass