Invest time, money in fixing the stuff that is happening not on stuff that could happen

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Margaret Connolly, Ramsey, Minn. My grandmother graduated from teachers’ college and then returned to college to earn a nursing degree. She worked as a nurse practitioner alongside the doctor as life and death decisions were regularly made. She earned the respect of her co-workers and community. Grandmother took an interest in politics and could hold her own in any debate,

Michelle Meyer – experience we need on the Sartell-St. Stephen School Board

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Christa Ogilvy, Sartell In 2002, I moved to Sartell because of my faith in its educational system. For 10 years, I’ve enjoyed the benefits of an outstanding school district. Last year was difficult. Our school district faced new challenges – communication concerns among parents and teachers and conflict unlike any other year. As a result, parents know the 2012 school

Letter to the editor

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Doug Ferns Sartell Last week’s paper caught my eye because the editor used kind words saying Romney is a good man. I have asked the editor before to bring some facts, but yet another let-down. After four years, we have seen a change, for the worst. What terrifies me most is our national debt. How could a leader of any

Please vote for Michelle Meyer

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Bill Galarneault Sartell With the publicity of other elections to be voted on this year, one may overlook the very important election of school board members taking place. In the race for the two-year seat on the board of the Sartell-St. Stephen School District, I urge you to vote for Michelle Meyer. Michelle has the experience necessary to competently represent

Meyer will work hard on school board

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Roger Weyer Sartell I am writing to encourage the residents of the Sartell-St. Stephen School District to vote for Michelle Meyer for the two-year term on the school board. I worked with Michelle as a colleague on the school board from 2000-2008. Michelle was an outstanding board member and leader who always had the education of the students as her

Political conventions – Democrats left the right impression

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Lewis Neuman Jr. Retired I’ve watched both political conventions beginning to end on C-Span network. While both parties put on a good show, it was the Democrats who showed me they were far better prepared at presenting what they attempted to communicate to us and did it well. The Republican Party used some outlandish claims in attempting to bring their

Mayor Schultz is helping homeowners

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Mayor Schultz is helping homeowners   St. Joseph Mayor Rick Schultz should be commended for organizing a group of citizens to review the city’s current residential rental ordinance.  This may sound like just another meeting, but if you’re a homeowner in the city, you’ll want to pay attention. That’s because the city’s current ordinance does not allow homeowners in St.

Graves is jobs-creator

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Bradley Wolfe Sartell At a time when our country needs jobs, there is no better candidate for U.S. Congress in the 6th District than Jim Graves. He has proven his ability to create jobs by successfully creating and running a hotel business for many years. Also, the jobs he has created have been good ones – even the hotel-workers’ union