Hurrah for the mayor

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Joyce Gelle Sartell Hurrah of our mayor, Joe Perske. He is listening to over 70 percent of the voters in Sartell and their desire for a community center. Smaller towns than ours have them, like Monticello. So can we. I remember many years ago when more than 90 percent of voters came out during stormy weather and 66 percent of

Sartell will attract new businesses

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By Rep. Michele Bachmann The Verso Paper Mill has been a fixture in Sartell for more than one 100 years. Chances are you know somebody who worked there – a grandparent, a parent, a sibling or a friend. When the plant closed last week, it was heartbreaking for the entire community. Ever since the tragic fire on Memorial Day, my

Mayor weighs in

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Mayor Rick Schultz Sometimes we find it easier to complain about things than to be thankful.   We easily forget that many people do not enjoy some of the services that we take for granted.  When we look around our city there are many services in operation that we just expect to be a part of everyday normal life. A livable

Graves speaks from the heart

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Bradley Wolfe Sartell I watched an online speech by Jim Graves today and was excited to see that he seemed like a genuine person. Graves seemed like he was speaking from his heart. Jim seems to really care about helping our country. With no political record, I believe that Jim Graves can go to Washington to set the partisan atmosphere

City of St. Joseph has double standard

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St. Joseph Rental Ordinance is disgraceful My family rented a house back in March on Cary Ct., within a month, we were told by the City and the police that we were in an “unauthorized” rental house and we will have to move out.  Obviously, we were not aware of this ordinance since the person who owns the house never

What makes America great

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by Bryan Golden Guest writer In less than 200 years, America grew from a handful of colonies to become the greatest nation in history. In a few hundred years, we surpassed nations that were many times older. What makes America great? The two main elements that make America great are our people and our freedoms. Our people have a can-do,

An open letter to all Minnesotans from state health-care leaders

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In a matter of days, there will be a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that will have significant ramifications for health care in the United States and Minnesota. The Supreme Court will issue its ruling on the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s health-care reform law. While the decision will likely generate further national debate, it’s important to acknowledge that

Everyone benefits from organized labor

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Timothy B. Simpson, Sartell After reading Ron Scarbo’s most recent column, I feel compelled to respond to his attack on organized labor. Ron may never have been a dues-paying member of a union, however, he and every working person in the United States has benefited from the efforts of organized labor. I generally attribute attitudes such as his to either