Anything scientific must, of course, be a leftist plot

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There is nothing more stubbornly reactionary than those who deny anything and everything scientific. Facts to these people are nothing but pesky nuisances or – worse – lies disguised as “facts” by the liberal news media. You would think, in this modern age, everyone would agree Planet Earth is not flat. But I’m sure there are still some hold-outs –

Thinking outside the box about gun control

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by Janelle Von Pinnnon – Publisher As readers probably already know, the Newsleader has been battling it out between both sides of the gun-control issue – some tout enacting legislature to limit military-style assault weapons and enforce stricter gun-licensing rules; others advocate their Second Amendment rights saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Although both sides are adamant in their

Proposed law change helps all rental property-owners

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Housing is one of the most important areas of focus for many communities. The City of St. Joseph is no different and within the city of about 7,000 residents its focus has lately been on rental housing. City officials are considering changes to city ordinances to help rental-property owners in the R1 zoning district. Specifically, the city ordinance requires new

St. Joseph sets homeowner meetings to apply for rehab funding

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The city of St. Joseph will submitting an application to the Department of Employment and Economic Development requesting funding to fix up homes. Central Minnesota Housing Partnership has been asked by the city to compile and submit the application for the Small Cities Development Program, which is due Feb. 28. Meetings to answer questions and gather names of interested St.

Parks are a worthy investment for cities

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A community’s park system says a lot about the vibe of a city. In conversations about seasonal events, just the mention of a certain park can strike up memories of activities that happen in the park. Whether it’s hosting a baseball game or disc-golf tournament, parks make cities feel like home. Commitment to their upkeep and continuous improvement is a