Dec. 15 Sartell police blotter

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If you have a tip concerning a crime, call the Sartell Police Department at 320-251-8186 or Tri-County Crime Stoppers at 320-255-1301, or access its tip site at Crime Stoppers offers rewards up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for a crime. This information is submitted by the Sartell Police Department.

Nov. 29

2:41 a.m. Medical. 16 Street N. Officers were dispatched for a report of an elderly female who was going into afib. Officers arrived on scene within minutes and located the female lying in her bed. The female stated her heart was fluttering. The female was not currently feeling pain and was breathing OK. Officers gathered a medical history and monitored the woman’s condition until Gold Cross Ambulance arrived on scene.

4:32 p.m. Medical. 1901 Connecticut Ave. S. Officers were dispatched to St. Cloud Orthopedics for a report of an unresponsive male patient in the parking lot. Prior to officer arrival, staff members had begun CPR. Officers arrived on scene and assisted staff members with CPR. Paramedics arrived on scene and took over care; officers assisted as necessary.

Nov. 30

2:26 p.m. Assist agency. Ninth Avenue N./Northway Drive. While in St. Cloud for follow up on an unrelated call, an officer observed a two-vehicle crash. Both vehicles were blocking traffic so the officer assisted in moving the vehicles to a safer location. The officer then met with all parties involved and learned a female driver was experiencing chest pain and two small children had injuries. One complained of head pain and another had a small laceration to his head. St. Cloud police, fire and Gold Cross paramedics arrived and took over the scene. The officer assisted with tending to injuries and traffic control.

Dec. 1

Midnight. Traffic stop. 21 CR 120. While patrolling northbound Hwy. 15, an officer observed a vehicle approach his location at a high rate of speed. The officer activated his moving radar and received a reading of 86 mph in a posted 60-mph zone. The officer turned around and caught up to the vehicle as it proceeded east on CR 1 from Hwy. 15. The officer activated his emergency lights and stopped the vehicle as it entered the Walmart parking lot. The officer met with the driver and advised him the reason for the stop. The male party denied speeding, stating he was traveling the speed limit. The male provided valid licensing and proof of insurance. The driver was issued a citation for speed and released.

Dec. 2

1:03 a.m. Intoxicated person. 21 CR 120.  An officer was dispatched to Walmart for a report of a male party who was intoxicated. The officer arrived on scene and spoke with the male. The male stated he had passed out in the ditch near Walmart and had just woken up. The officer administered a breathalyzer which showed a .20 (two-and-a-half times the legal limit). Dispatch advised St. Cloud detox had an available bed for the man. The male was transported without incident and left in the care of staff.

10:42 a.m. Assist agency. Hwy. 10/CR 29. Officers were advised State Patrol was following a stolen vehicle on southbound Hwy. 10 from Royalton. The owner of the vehicle had seen it at a gas station and reported its location. A Sartell officer got onto Hwy. 15 from CR 29 and headed north to intercept. At the Hwy. 15/Hwy. 10 split, the officer observed a Benton County deputy turn around quickly and hit his lights. The officer followed the deputy and observed the stolen vehicle ahead of the deputy. The officer advised dispatch as the pursuit entered Sartell. The vehicle then slowed and entered Norway Pines parking lot. Officers conducted a felony stop on the vehicle and took the female driver into custody. The vehicle’s plate didn’t match the confirmed stolen plate and the VIN numbers on the vehicle appeared to have been tampered with. Sartell officers assisted as deputies conducted an investigation.

Dec. 3

2:08 p.m.  Medical. 7 Riverside Ave. N. An officer was dispatched to Watab Park for a report of a 23-year-old male with chest pain. The officer arrived on scene and found the man lying on the ground outside of his car holding his chest. The male stated his pain was an 8 out of 10 and he was having difficulty breathing. The officer started the man on oxygen and gathered a medical history. Gold Cross arrived on scene and took over the assessment. The officer assisted paramedics as necessary.

11:33 p.m. Assist agency. River Oaks Lane. Offices were dispatched to assist Stearns County with an assault. As officers arrived on scene, they were advised the male suspect had fled on foot. An officer began checking the area with a thermal- imaging camera and located a heat-signature several houses to the north of the incident location. The officer confirmed the signature was a person and radioed dispatch. Officers checked the area and located a male party hiding behind a tree. Officers detained the male for further investigation into the assault.

Dec. 4

4:45 p.m. Vehicle accident. Hwy. 15/CR 120. An officer was dispatched to a two-vehicle crash involving no injuries. The officer arrived on scene and spoke with both drivers. Both stated the accident occurred at the diverging diamond. Driver one was northbound on Hwy. 15 exiting onto CR 120 when she observed the traffic light turn yellow. The driver braked hard in an attempt to not go through a red light. The driver of vehicle two didn’t observe this happen and struck vehicle one. The crash caused minor damage to both vehicles. The officer completed an accident-exchange form and issued it to both drivers.

Dec. 5

10:40 a.m. Medical. 2251 Connecticut Ave. S. Officers were dispatched to HealthPartners for a report of a possible heart attack. Upon arrival, officers found staff were attending to a male patient. The male stated he was experiencing chest pain. Staff had given the male two nitro-glycerin tablets and aspirin. Officers administered high-flow oxygen and monitored until Gold Cross arrived on scene to take over care.

5:12 p.m. Gun. Nuthatch Avenue. Officers were dispatched for a report of a male party with a gun. The complainant stated a man had approached his home and possibly had a gun. Officers arrived in the area and observed a male seated in a vehicle in the driveway of the home. Officers moved in on the vehicle on foot. Officers gave verbal commands for the driver to exit the vehicle with his hands up. The male was placed in handcuffs for officer safety. The male stated he was there to do work on the house and didn’t have a gun. Through further investigation officers confirmed this to be true.

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