Elect leaders who respect laws

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Leona Wieland, Sartell

President Trump continues to lead rabble-rousing rallies, campaigning as a President has never done before. He incites people to be violent while claiming to be the candidate of “law and order.” The highest law is love. Our country, its government, states and people need no more violence, division or hypocrisy.

Why does President Trump think he’s above the law? Finally portions of his tax returns are shared. Meanwhile, the nation suffers as the discipline and responsiveness needed from the leader of our nation ignores that more than 200,000 having died from Covid-19.

We are the United States of America. We can be thankful for those who spoke truth to power and then wrote the Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights. We have yet to achieve its ideals. In the meantime, we need leaders who respect laws that all are held accountable for and a President who attempts protections for all people.

Vote for Joe Biden. He recently asked the senators “to have a conscience.” That shows what guides him. He’s dedicated to truth and justice, and he endeavors to keep our government of, by and for the people.


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