Feb. 8 news for refugees

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Ogeysiis!  Importante para Usted, por favor léalo  Please read!

Announcements brought to you by Cultural Bridges of St. Joseph, a volunteer-run organization and committee of Central Minnesota Community Empowerment Organization. We are dedicated to easing your transition into our community.

Check this space to make announcements that especially apply to our Refugee Neighbors in St. Joseph as well as those whose first language is other than English. Please tell your family and neighbors about this information.


You are invited to a potluck from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Sunday, March 10.

This is an invitation especially for our Somali and immigrant neighbors of St. Joseph to join with those of us who have lived in St. Joseph for years to come together and introduce ourselves. It takes place at Resurrection Lutheran Hall, 610 CR 2, where the farmers’ market takes place.

What is a potluck? Each family brings one favorite dish to share – hamburger hotdish, sambusa, tacos, salad, bread or dessert. Water, tea and coffee will be provided as well as plates and silverware. College students can bring some fruit or cookies. The most important thing to bring is your family and friends. There will be activities for the children after they eat. 

Adult Education

We apologize for so many canceled classes this last month, but your safety is our prime concern. We will try to make up for the days we have lost. Just remember, if your child’s school is two hours late on Monday or Wednesday, there will be no morning class those mornings. If your child’s school is closed because of weather or emergency, there is no ESL class that day – morning or evening.

If you have any questions, please contact Dianne DeVargas at 320-345-0593. Please share this message with other refugees and immigrants you know who live in St. Joseph.

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