Five questions for Tom Emmer

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Rep. Tom Emmer is seeking a third term representing the 6th District. He was an early and strong supporter of Donald Trump and he votes with the President about 90 percent of the time.

Democrat Ian Todd, a first-time candidate, is challenging Emmer in a district that leans Republican. Maybe that’s why we haven’t seen much of Emmer lately. Perhaps he’s hoping he’ll glide to victory because there’s an R behind his name. Emmer has made few appearances in the area and hasn’t hosted a town-hall meeting this year. He has had With big voter turnout expected, be prepared before heading to vote time to join Trump on stage for rallies in Duluth and Rochester, both cities more than 100 miles outside his district.

Although he’s a strong Trump backer, Emmer’s re-election should be decided on where he stands on issues, not his ties to Trump. As Emmer asks for your vote, there are five questions he should answer about his votes the last two years and on issues that will come up in the next term.

Health insurance

Emmer is one of the House Republicans who for years promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Emmer voted for the American Health Care Act, which later failed in the Senate. If it would have passed, the number of uninsured Americans was projected to increase by 23 percent over 10 years and it would have cut taxes for wealthier people and raised premiums for the elderly and poor people. 

What are the details of legislation you support to actually replace or improve the ACA instead of sabotaging it?

Climate change

A United Nations report by the world’s leading climate scientists has warned there are only a dozen years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 2.7 degrees, beyond which even half a degree will significantly worsen the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.

Do you agree with the report findings and what policies do you support to address the issue?

Build the wall

Congress has not funded Trump’s plan for a massive wall across the southern border. But after the election, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy plans to introduce a hard-line immigration bill that would appropriate $23.4 billion to fully pay for the wall.

Do you support McCarthy’s bill?

Taxes and the national debt

Emmer voted in favor of the tax bill that provided massive tax cuts for the rich and for corporations. Since it became law, corporations have poured most of their tax savings into benefits for stockholders instead of pay raises and productivity improvements. Meanwhile tax savings for middle-class families vary widely and are much less than the $2,000 promised by Trump. The tax bill adds $1.46 trillion to the national debt.

Why did you vote for a plan that blows a hole in the national debt while enriching the already rich and providing modest relief for the rest of us?

Gun safety

Since Jan. 1, 2017, 996 people have died in mass shootings. The only gun legislation Emmer supported erased a regulation that blocked people who were not competent to manage their finances from buying firearms.

Would you support legislation banning bump stocks and high capacity magazines or enhancing background checks?

Emmer should answer these questions before he’s considered for a third term.

Author: Mike Knaak

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