Jan. 24 St. Joseph

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City of St. Joseph

Public Hearing

The St. Joseph Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3 in the St. Joseph City Hall, 25 College Ave. N. to consider a special use and variance to allow the operation of an events center at 31101 County Road 133, St. Joseph.  The variance is being requested to relieve strict enforcement of the parking-lot regulations.

St. Joseph Code of Ordinances 52.32 Subd. 4(j) requires issuance of a special-use permit for recreations services such as theaters, bowling establishments, and clubs and lodges.  The proposed events center is similar in nature to the aforementioned.

St. Joseph Code of Ordinances 52.10 Subd. 5 identifies the requirements for parking lots to include hard-surface material and curbing.  The property owner is requesting relief from the design standards.

The property for which Special Use and Variance is being sought is located at 31101 County Road 133, a.k.a. Scenic Specialties, legally described as E ¾ SE 4 SW 4 Lying N of County Road 133.  The request has been submitted by Rolling Ridge Properties LLC, 9670 Deerwood Road NE, Rice MN  56367.

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