Joetown Rocks raffle, online quilt auction results were successful

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by Cori Hilsgen

Most of the results are in for the Church of St. Joseph raffle, T-shirt sales and online quilt auction and organizers got successful results.

These were the events parishioners were still able to conduct when the Joetown Rocks concert, Church of St. Joseph festival and the St. Joseph Lions annual parade were canceled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Church of St. Joseph Business Administrator Amber Walling said nearly 8,500 raffle tickets were sold for $10 each for the annual parish raffle.

A grand prize of $5,000, which was donated by 22 anonymous contributors, and 123 other prizes were raffled off and winners were drawn during a July 4 virtual drawing on Facebook. Winners included local residents as well as out-of-state winners, including Iowa and Colorado.

Joetown Rocks co-chairman Dean Budde, who helped draw the winning raffle tickets, said at the end of the virtual raffle drawing that those who worked on the raffle book committee were “thoroughly satisfied with the results.”

“The Grand Raffle for our Covid-choked Joetown Rocks Festival was a grand success,” Budde said. “Parishioners put in a grand effort to sell chances to friends, family and neighbors. Even though only (about) 120 people could win prizes, every parishioner that participated should be proud of the community effort that produced this spectacular result.” 

A Joetown Rocks T-shirt fundraiser sold 297 T-shirts for $12-$15 each.

The online quilt auction was coordinated through Black Diamond Auctions, which has been conducting the quilt auction since 1987, and closed on July 5. Thirty-five of the 39 large and baby quilts were sold on the auction for almost $12,000.

Three quilts, the Sand and Sea and Scrappy Zig Zag (both pieced by Patty Loehlein), and Calling Cards (pieced by Lois Warnert) all sold in the $700 range.

The auction allowed bidders to view the quilts and included informational videos about them.

Since 1996, the quilting group has set a goal to try to raise $10,000 or more from the quilts and have raised between $9,500-$13,000 annually. Last year’s quilt auction raised $13,000.

Those who bought quilts were able to pick them up on July 7 at the Heritage Hall Parish Center and shared comments about the online auction.

“The quilt auction was exciting at the end,” Delrose Fischer, parishioner and chair of the quilting group, said. “I am very proud of all the quilters.  I couldn’t do it without them. I am so grateful for everyone that creates the quilt tops, works on the hand stitching and helps us with meals all year long.”

“I was at the edge of my seat,” parishioner and quilter Betty Schloemer said.  “I am thrilled that it turned out so well, and that people turned out and bid.”

Parishioners Norm and Judy Hansen, who bought two quilts from the online auction, said they were glad the auction and raffle were successful, but still missed the in-person events. Both said they hoped funds raised aren’t so good that they won’t do the in-person events again as soon as they are allowed. 

 “I could never make it to the quilt auction in years past, we always have had company, so this year I could bid,” parishioner Linda Hinnenkamp said.

“Parishioners stepped forward in a difficult time, and we had a great group of people helping with the raffle and quilt auction,” said Linda Loso, parishioner and quilter who also helped with the raffle.

Walling said invoices and fees still need to be paid from all sales.

The Rev. Jerome Tupa commented on the quilt auction results in the July 19/26 church bulletin.

“What a great response to the quilt auction,” Tupa said. “This was better than expected except of course from Delrose who never doubted. The amount of work done by the quilters is truly amazing and they deserve a lot of credit for their consistent work over the years.”

Tupa also commented on the raffle ticket results.

“We have had a great response from so many inside and outside the community who took a chance on us. This will keep the parish running smoothly,” he said. 

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Judy and Norm Hansen, husband and wife, pick up their quilt July 7 from Church of St. Joseph Business Administrator Amber Walling at the Heritage Hall Parish Center which they purchased from the online quilt auction. The Hansens bought two quilts from the online quilt auction.

Author: Cori Hilsgen

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