June 22 Sartell police blotter

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If you have a tip concerning a crime, call the Sartell Police Department at 320-251-8186 or Tri-County Crime Stoppers at 320-255-1301, or access its tip site at tricountycrimestoppers.org. Crime Stoppers offers rewards up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for a crime. This information is submitted by the Sartell Police Department.

June 6

5:34 p.m. Domestic. Riverside Avenue S. Officers were dispatched to take a report of an assault that had occurred at a residence on June 4. Officers arrived on scene and met with the female complainant. She stated to officers on Monday she and her boyfriend began an argument that became physical. She explained she was strangled in the garage by her boyfriend. Officers met with the male party who denied the assault but stated the argument did occur. He claimed the only thing physical that had occurred was he pushed her. Officers obtained photographs and additional evidence. Charges of fifth-degree assault are pending.

June 7

6:46 p.m. Traffic stop. Bridge of Hope. While on routine patrol, an officer observed a vehicle near the intersection of Hwy. 15 and CR 120 that didn’t have a front license plate displayed. The officer conducted a stop on the vehicle for this violation. The officer met with the driver and identified him as being under the age of 18. As the driver was reaching over to the glove box to look for proof of insurance, the officer observed what appeared to be a bottle of nicotine juice behind his back as if he was hiding it. The officer asked the driver to give him the bottle and he did. The officer identified the bottle as nicotine juice for an e-cigarette. The officer asked if there was anything else in the vehicle and the driver stated no. The officer conducted a search of the vehicle and located a second empty bottle of nicotine juice and an e-cigarette. Due to the driver being under the age of 18, the items were contraband and seized. The officer made contact with the guardians of the driver and released him with a verbal warning.

June 8

6:03 a.m. Medical. An officer was dispatched for a report of an elderly female who had fallen and was unable to get up. The officer arrived on scene and assessed the patient. The officer was able to get the female into a seated position and she stated she had a pain rated at an 8 out of 10 in her back. She also stated she was having difficulty breathing. The officer provided oxygen and administered a stroke scale. Gold Cross Ambulance arrived on scene and took over care. The officer assisted with loading the patient for transport to the St. Cloud Hospital.

June 9

7:25 a.m. Theft from vehicle. Twin Rivers Court.  An officer was dispatched for a report of a theft from a vehicle that had occurred overnight. The officer arrived on scene and observed a pickup truck parked on the east side of the building. She observed the driver-side rear window was broken out and glass was on the ground and inside the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle arrived on scene and observed three guns had been stolen from the truck. The officer received serial numbers from each gun and entered them in as stolen. The incident is under investigation.

June 10

9:34 p.m. Traffic stop. 21 CR120. While on routine patrol an officer was stopped at the intersection of Hwy. 15 and CR 1. Stopped in front of him was a sedan. The officer ran a routine license-plate check on the vehicle and observed the male registered owner was revoked. The officers observed the driver was male and conducted a stop as the vehicle pulled into the Walmart parking lot. The officer met with the driver and identified him as the registered owner. The male provided a driver’s license that was expired and stated he had no insurance. The driver was released after being cited for driving after revocation and no insurance. The vehicle was parked and the male was advised he needed insurance on it before it could be moved.

June 11

5:43 p.m. Traffic stop. Seventh Avenue S./Heritage Drive. While on routine patrol and traveling Brianna Drive, an officer observed a vehicle proceed around a construction barricade at Leander Avenue and Brianna Drive. The officer proceeded to catch up to the vehicle which proceeded west on Heritage Drive. The officer conducted a stop on the vehicle at Seventh Avenue S. and Heritage Drive. The officer met with the driver and asked her if she knew why he had stopped her. She stated because the road was closed. The driver provided her license and proof of insurance on the vehicle. She was released after being issued a citation for violating a barricade.

June 12

12:46 a.m. Suspicious vehicle. 1109 First St. S. While on patrol, an officer located a parked vehicle in the Bernick’s Arena. The officer observed the vehicle was unoccupied and the windows were rolled down. While checking the vehicle, the officer was approached by a juvenile male and female who were on the nearby walking path. Both juveniles were identified and their parents contacted. Both juveniles were verbally warned for violating curfew. The male was released to drive the vehicle home and the female was transported to her residence in the city.

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