Letter: Stop blaming gun owners for gun violence

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Kraig Lalim, Sartell 

In this time of increased out-of-state political attention on guns, I have to write and mention Minnesotans like me, who grew up with guns. We’ve had them at deer camp, and on the back 40 plinking cans. We’ve gone with them to the range with our daughters, our sons and our friends. We’ve kept that .22 that our Grandpa gave us right next to the hunting jacket in the closet. 

We resent being blamed for violence by the lobbyists and political forces at the Capitol. We’re committed to teaching our children how to respect and use firearms safely.

Stop blaming us for what’s going wrong in society, and start working with us to make things better. We’ll listen, we’ll help. But we’re not the problem, and stop treating us like we are.

Author: Mike Knaak

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