Letter to the editor: Good fight = constitution + conscience + justice

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Kay Steiner, Sartell resident

A good fight is when the constitution, the conscience and justice prevail. To give the conceived child no voice in the matter of life or death hanging over the baby’s head is “murder.” “Thou shalt not kill,” incidentally, is also found in our constitution; no matter what the activist judge was on that produced Roe v. Wade, he will take the matter up with his maker, whether or not he believes in Him. But, we don’t have to abide this lunacy. Down with Roe v. Wade, up with praise God and His commandments.

This is not a political issue about a presidential candidate. This is about taking away our constitutional rights and our freedom of religion.

Our children will learn nothing if we don’t stand for justice. The only dogs in this picture are the ones who continue to act like animals – not prizing the special gift of free will that makes us the higher prerogative. So stay in your dog kennel. I prefer living as a child of God. Government, stay out of my pocket, my home, my school, my insurance policy and my religion.

Author: Christian Gilman

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