Shared beliefs on keeping receipts

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Audrey Hale


Dennis Dalman, I shared your thoughts in your column about returning defective items – to always keep your receipts. Just wanted to add a few more irritating things even if only minor ones.

1. Upside down tape or backwards on a dispenser – not noticed until home.

2. Gift bows on little cardboard strips almost totally impossible to remove without tearing the whole bow apart.

3. Paste that will not come out of a tube – even if it feels “soft” – top of paste somehow hardened without ever leaving the cap off or open.

4. A pack of envelopes with no adhesive to seal them.

5. Deodorants (and sometimes chapstick tubes) which somehow won’t go up or down and seem detached.

6. Scissors for special “paper shaping” that fell apart before the first cut was completed.

7. Pet hair rollers which I use for rugs – cannot get the new sheets started.

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