Sartell-St. Stephen School Board Minutes from Feb. 26, 2018

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FEB. 26, 2018


The regular school board meeting of Independent School District 748 was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chair Jason Nies. Members present: Nies; Pamela Raden, clerk; Jeremy Snoberger, treasurer; Mary McCabe, director; Lesa Kramer, director; Patrick Marushin, director; and Jeff Schwiebert, superintendent. Members absent: None.

A motion was made by Raden and seconded by Marushin to APPROVE THE AGENDA AS PRESENTED.

All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Marushin and seconded by Snoberger to APPROVE CONSENT ITEMS A-D AS PRESENTED BELOW. All in favor. Motion carried.


a. Minutes of the regular school board meeting held on Jan. 22, 2018

Minutes of the board work session held on Feb. 21, 2018


b. Checks in the amount of $2,475,706.05 as presented:

General Fund                                                                                1,947,855.53

Food Service Fund                                                                          168,777.08

Transportation Fund                                                                      241,778.69

Community Service Fund                                                               37,598.22

Capital Expenditure Fund                                                              59,843.93

Summer Rec Agency Fund                                                             19,852.60

Check numbers 170661 – 171095


Receipts in the amount of $3,563,750.74 as presented:

General Fund                                                                                2,512,912.73

Food Service Fund                                                                         259,389.22

Transportation Fund                                                                        41,656.86

Community Service Fund                                                              134,533.39

Building Fund                                                                                    22,739.42

Debt Service Fund                                                                            37,098.72

Receipts 44194 – 44304


Wire transfers in the amount of $581,535.34 as presented:

General Fund                                                                                  138,543.80

Food Service Fund                                                                              5,546.18

Community Service Fund                                                                  2,445.36

Debt Service Fund                                                                          435,000.00

Wire transfers 201700057-201700065


Building Fund Checks in the amount of $2,584,749.30 as presented:

Building Fund                                                                               2,584,749.30

Check numbers 600198 to 600211


c. Accept the resignation of Doris Nathe, PME, paraprofessional, 5/31/18; Amber Rohlik, SHS, cashier, 3/2/18; Joseph Zimmerman, SMS, custodian, 2/15/18. Release from Employment Ty Rassier, SHS, food service worker, 2/9/18.

d. Approval of Memorandums of Understanding; D.1 – MOU with Sartell Education Association; D.2 – MOU with Sartell – St. Stephen Principals Association.

Student Representative Report: Nicholas Juntunen, student representative

  • Juntunen reported on happenings around the district. At Oak Ridge and Pine Meadow, spring picture days will be on the first Monday and Tuesday of March. At the Middle School the Math Counts team took third in the region, three students participated in the regional spelling bee, eighth-grade students had the opportunity to participate with Kids Connecting with the Community and the Theatre will present The Lion King in March. At the High School, the Winter Wonderland dance and conferences concluded last week, NHS hosted its talent show, Student Council had its Make-A-Wish reveal ceremony, Sabres Vs Cancer raised close to $2,400 and the winter sports are starting their playoff competitions.

Student Council Report:

  • Student Council members: Nicholas Juntunen, Janagan Ramanathan, Colin Nord, Lauren Lindmeier, Amber Pietrowski, Sarah Ufearo, Samuel Brandt and Elaine Lo presented the benefits of allowing the Sartell High School to host the 2020 State Student Council Convention.

Construction Manager Report on Building Process:

  • Project Manager Lee Gruen reported air handlers for the new high school will arrive the week of March 12 and be installed the week of March 19. Structural steel and the learning neighborhoods are ongoing as scheduled. The pool area has heating as of last week. The budget is on track and an updated schedule will be completed next week.

Superintendent Report: Jeff Schwiebert, superintendent

  • Schwiebert reported during his meeting with the City of Sartell, the Economic Development Committee covered upcoming housing projects and commented on how the school district has been a cornerstone of the city’s growth. The growing community is a reminder the district buildings have something going on every day, which makes efficiencies in buildings and grounds that much more important. The Operations Committee recently met discussing those efficiencies.

School Board Committee Report:

  • Director Snoberger reported on the Curriculum and Instruction Advisory meeting he attended.
  • Director Kramer reported on the Community Education Advisory meeting she attended.
  • Director McCabe reported on the most recent Policy Committee meeting.

Enrollment Report:

  • Superintendent Schwiebert reported on the current enrollment numbers for each school.

MN Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System Report (SLEDS):

  • District Assessment Coordinator Marie Pangerl and High School Counselor Noel Meyer presented information from the Minnesota Statewide Longitudinal Education System.

A motion was made by McCabe and seconded by Raden to APPROVE #1-14:

New Employees/Changes:

Kacey Dougherty, Transportation, van driver, $20.04/hour, Type III, Year 1, 3.75 hours/day, replacing Jeannie Klehr, 2/1/2018; Jayme Ericson, DSC, director of food service, $74,000, .9 FTE, replacing Brenda Braulick, 7/1/2018; Elisa Gaetz, SMS, para, $16.42/hour, RIV, S1, 1.25 hours/day, new position, 2/5/2018; Angela McSorley, SMS, assistant track coach, $3,560 (9.5 percent), BA, 0 ($37,473), replacing Jarek Kunz, 3/12/2018; Nikita Mortezaee, Transportation, bus monitor, $15.92/hour, 3.75 hours/day, additional assignment – replacing Kacey Doughtery, 2/5/2018; Kathy Mugg, Early Childhood/ DSC, para, $17.68/hour, R IV, S2, 2.83 hours/day, new position – additional assignment, 1/31/2018; Shaina Poepping, PME, student supervisor, $13.87/hour, R1, S1, 2 hours/day, replacing Jessica Roske, 1/30/2018; Greg Roering, SMS, eighth-grade softball, $1,686 (4.5 percent), BA, 0 ($37,473), replacing Steve Mackenthun, 3/12/2018; Holli Sauerer, SHS, color guard instructor, $1,255 (9.5 percent), BA, 0 ($37,473), replacing Angela Kroska, 4/3/2018; Jody Schave, SMS, custodian, $18.71/hour, RIII, S3, 8 hours/day, replacing Joe Zimmerman, 2/16/2018; Theresa Sievers, Early Childhood/ DSC, ECSE teacher, $34.16/hour, BA 30, 0, new position, 1/25/2018; Brock Swanson, SHS, assistant golf coach, $3,387 (7.35 percent), BA, H ($46,084), replacing Jason Huschle, 3/19/2018; Miranda Theisen, Early Childhood/DSC, 1:1 para, $16.42/hour, RIV, S1, 2 hours/Fridays, new position, 2/23/2018.

Leaves of Absence:

Mike Lashinski, SMS, custodian, LOA, 3/14/18 – 5/9/18.

All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Snoberger and seconded by Marushin to APPROVE RESOLUTION FOR MSHSL APPLICATION FOR DISSOLUTION OF COOPERATIVE SPONSORSHIP. All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Raden and seconded by Marushin to APPROVE ST. MARY’S UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA OFF-CAMPUS SERVICES AGREEMENT. All in favor. Motion carried.

Schedule Work Session and Committee Meetings:

  • Future Board Meeting – 6:30 p.m. Monday, March 19 at St. Stephen City Hall.

Official Review of Policies:

The Board completed official review of policies 301, 302, 304, 305, 403, 410, 506, 514, 522, 524 and 806.

The Board had the official first reading of revision of policies 303, 306, 401, 402, 405, 406, 407, 413, 414, 415, 417 and 616.

The Board had the official first reading of proposed policy 423.


  • Committee assignments for 2018 were reviewed.

A motion to ADJOURN THE MEETING AT 8:07 p.m. was made by McCabe and seconded by Marushin. All in favor. Motion carried.


/s/Pamela Raden, clerk

Publish: March 23, 2018

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