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Breakfast Club: Stearns County MN Extension Master Gardners

Breakfast Club: Stearns County MN Extension Master Gardners

September 8, 2021

Group Talks Dirt at Stearns History Museum
Master Gardeners Discuss New Gardens, Pollinators

ST. CLOUD (August 31, 2021) – George Herzog, Brenda Mahoney, Karen Neu and Joanne Peterson,
Master Gardeners with the University of Minnesota Extension Office of Stearns County, will present at
the 9 a.m. Wednesday, September 8, Breakfast Club at the Stearns History Museum.

The volunteers will talk about the transformation of the Museum’s front bed into a pollinator garden.
It wasn’t an easy task, as there were several years of overgrowth to dig out. What went into their
decision? How did they plan, prepare and choose the plants for the space? Come listen and find out!

Next on their agenda is to ready the southeast garden bed at the Museum for Minnesota prairie
grasses. The group will also talk about the Master Gardener program and offer advice for those with
gardening questions.

Attendance for this event is limited to 50 people due to COVID-19 space limitations. Reservations are
required and will close at noon Tuesday, September 9. Please call the Museum at 320-253-8424 to
register. The Breakfast Club program is free for Stearns History Museum members and $7 for
nonmembers. Coffee and donuts will be provided.

The Stearns History Museum connects people through the power of history and culture, offering a
premier cultural heritage experience in Central Minnesota. Check us out on Facebook and our website
at for more information on membership options and other upcoming events

Stearns History Museum
235 33rd Ave S
St. Cloud, MN 56304

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