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Fare for All St. Joseph

Fare for All St. Joseph

December 13, 2021

Fare for All Offers Affordable Holiday Cooking Options This Year

Community based program makes fresh produce and frozen meats more accessible and affordable.

The holidays are just around the corner and Fare for All, a community program that offers affordable groceries, is ready to help with your family’s feast. Stretch your budget and get fresh produce and quality frozen meats without breaking the bank this holiday season. Fare for All’s signature Holiday Packs will be available in November and December. November’s pack features an 8-10 lb. turkey and December’s pack will have a 6-7 lb. ham. Food packs cost $30 will serve over 5,000 individuals.

“Every year we look forward to offering food for the holidays at great prices for our community. In a time when so many families need affordable and healthy food, we want to offer accessible options for everyone to be able to prepare a holiday meal,” said Lindsey Countryman, Program Coordinator. “This year our goal is to return to as many of our locations as possible while serving folks as safely as we can.”
One option to pick up your Holiday Packs is at Fare for All’s St. Joseph location at Resurrection Lutheran Church (610 County Rd 2). See for more info and all 30+ locations.

The holiday sales in St. Joseph will be indoors with masks & physical distancing on Mondays Nov. 15 & Dec. 13 from 3:30- 5:30 pm. No need to call or register in advance- just stop in to shop!

Nov. & Dec. Holiday Pack Contents*:

The (all frozen) content of the November Holiday Pack ($30) this year includes: 8-10 lb Jennie-O Turkey, 2.5 lb garlic pork loin, 27 oz Pumpkin Pie, and more.

For the same price, the (all frozen) content of the December Holiday Pack includes: 6+ lb bone-in ham, 2.5 lbs boneless rotisserie chicken, a 1.5 lb Hormel pork tenderloin, and more.

*Contents subject to change based on availability.
About Fare For All (

Fare for All is a community-based and community-supported program of The Food Group, a local nonprofit. Fare for All’s mission is to make fresh produce and frozen meats more accessible and affordable. The program has been around for over 30 years and is open to ALL. Debit, credit, cash, or EBT payments accepted. The more community members who shop with us, the better the value for everyone! For the safety of all during COVID-19, please wear a mask or face covering—even if you’re vaccinated. For additional information or food sale locations, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook at

Resurrection Lutheran Church
610 County Road 2
St. Joseph, MN 56374

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Raquel Bolivar

Raquel Bolivar

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