Nov. 24 public notice: Sartell-St. Stephen School Board minutes – Oct. 16, 2017

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OCT. 16, 2017


The regular school board meeting of Independent School District 748 was called to order at 6 p.m. by Vice Chair Jason Nies. Members present: Nies; Pamela Raden, clerk; Patrick Marushin, treasurer; Mary McCabe, director; Lesa Kramer, director; Jeremy Snoberger, director; and Jeff Schwiebert, superintendent. Members absent: None.

A motion was made by Marushin and seconded by McCabe to APPROVE THE AGENDA AS PRESENTED. All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Marushin and seconded by Kramer to APPROVE CONSENT ITEMS A-D AS PRESENTED BELOW. All in favor. Motion carried.

a. Minutes of the regular school board meeting held on Sept. 18, 2017

b. Checks in the amount of $2,520,205.89 as presented:

General Fund                                                                                2,223,865.85

Food Service Fund                                                                          169,782.45

Transportation Fund                                                                       44,063.20

Community Service Fund                                                                41,871.44

Capital Expenditure Fund                                                              31,434.76

Summer Rec Agency Fund                                                               9,188.19

Check numbers 169192 – 169572


Receipts in the amount of $4,017,422.21 as presented:

General Fund                                                                              3,196,772.05

Food Service Fund                                                                        184,352.90

Transportation Fund                                                                        1,124.06

Community Service Fund                                                             67,735.68

Capital Expenditure Fund                                                               9,211.73

Building Fund                                                                                 63,220.31

Debt Service Fund                                                                        489,874.59

Summer Rec Agency Fund                                                               5,130.89

Receipts 43744 – 43883


Wire transfers in the amount of $8,802.47 as presented:

General Fund                                                                                      2,197.62

Food Service Fund                                                                            5,090.09

Community Service Fund                                                                 1,514.76

Wire transfers 201700024-201700032


Building Fund Checks in the amount of $1,513,177.60 as presented:

Building Fund                                                                               1,513,177.60

Check numbers 600122 to 600144


c. Accept the following donations:

Oak Ridge Elementary PTC, Oak Ridge Elementary, $115.50, second-grade Scholastic News; Tony and Elsie Dingmann Fund, Sartell High School, $4,430.44, High School Band Program.

d. Accept the resignation of Cecilia Fiedler, SHS, food-service worker, 10/5/17; Kathi Hammer, ORE, student supervisor, 10/9/17; Priscilla Lessard, SHS, cashier, 10/24/17; Cheryl Nies, ORE, morning cashier, 10/2/17; Donna Weihrauch, SHS, food-service worker, 10/13/17. Accept the retirement of Robert Christianson, SHS, lead custodian, 10/31/17. Reduction of position: Steve Lojovich, SMS, para, 10/25/17.

Superintendent Report: Jeff Schwiebert, wuperintendent

  • Superintendent Schwiebert reported he has started having before- and after-school meetings with each grade level in each of the buildings. He is thankful to be living in the area we live in, highlighting the new Community Center, the continued road-improvement projects and the new developments in the cities.

Architect Report on Building Process:

  • Senior Project Manager Robbie Schultz and Project Manager Lee Gruen reported the hydronic testing at Pine Meadow will begin on Wednesday, Oct. 18. The New High School received its first layer of paving on Friday, Oct. 13. All other work is continuing on schedule with the auditorium, gymnasium and pool areas starting to take shape between mid-December and mid-February. In regard to permits, the State of Minnesota has made a review and comment on the above-grounds permits and the permit for the kitchen has been approved by Stearns County.

Student Enrollment Report: Jeff Schwiebert, superintendent

  • Schwiebert presented current enrollment numbers for each school.

School Board Committee Report:

  • Director Kramer reported on the Drug Free Coalition meeting held on Oct. 9. The next meeting will be on Nov. 13.
  • Clerk Raden reported on the Technology meetings that discussed the website and attended the MSBA Advocacy Tour.

Student Representative Report: Tristen Nies, wtudent 4epresentatives

  • Nies reported on happenings around the district. At the elementary level, students helped sell bracelets and T-shirts for homecoming week; celebrations included dress up days and a walk-a-thon with captains from different teams helping. Conferences will be Oct. 16, 17 and 18. At the middle school level, students also sold bracelets and T-shirts for homecoming week. On Friday, Oct. 27 the sixth grade will perform “Princess Who?” and the seventh- and eighth-graders will have their first activity night of the school year.  At the high school level, homecoming week was a grand success and more than $18,000 was raised for the Make-A-Wish drive. Boys and girls soccer teams have started their playoff brackets and girls performed well at True Team State. The Halloween dance will be held on Halloween, with National Honor Society having a Trick-or-Treat food drive on Sunday, Oct. 29. The fall band, choir and orchestra concert is tonight at 7:30 p.m.

A motion was made by Raden and seconded by Marushin to APPROVE #1-23:

New Employees/Changes:

Christopher Biegner, SHS, assistant boys hockey, $4,360 (9.5 percent), BA 11 ($45,893), replacing David Miller, 11/13/2017; Amber Coons, PME, morning cashier, $15.07/hour, R1, S2, one hour/day, additional assignment/replacing Cheryl Nies, 10/5/2017; Dave Driste, SMS, eighth-grade girls basketball, $2,914 (6.35 percent), BA 11 ($45,893), replacing Sascha Hansen, 10/19/2017; Jason Huschle, SHS, boys head golf, $3,562 (9.5 percent), BA 2 ($37,496), replacing Craig Braun, 3/19/2017; Leah Summerville, SHS, ninth-grade girls basketball, $3,365 (8.35 percent), BA 5 ($40,294), replacing Karlye Rude, 11/13/2017; Melissa Kramer, ORE, food service worker, $14.18/hour, R1, S1, 3 hours/day, replacing Hollie Neitzke, 10/9/2017; Priscilla Lessard, ORE, morning cashier, $14.18/hour, R1, S1, one hour/day, replacing Hollie Neitzke, 10/2/2017; Priscilla Lessard, SHS, cashier, $14.18/hour, R1, S1, three hours/day, replacing Cheryl Nies, 10/2/2017; Noel Meyer, SHS, assistant wrestling, $4,035 (10.5 percent), BA 3 ($38,426), replacing Tim Prescott, 11/20/2017; Brian Nelson, SHS, FIRST robotics advisor, $1,225 (3.35 percent), BA 1 ($36,559), replacing Nick Phillips/Ariel Torborg, 11/27/2017; Cheryl Nies, SMS, food-service worker, $17.04/hour, R1, S5, 4.5 hours/day, replacing Carol Williamson, 10/2/2017; Monica Pick, ORE, Title 1, $25.11/hour, BA 1 ($36,559), replacing Mitze Olson, 10/2/2017; Kathy Porwoll, SMS, morning cashier, $17.04/hour, R1, S5, 1.25 hours/day, additional assignment/replacing Carol Williamson, 9/25/2017; Joanna Richards, SHS, music vocal director, $1,956 (5.35 percent), BA 1 ($36,559), replacing Brandon Nordhues, 2/5/2018; Aaron Romportl, SHS, 10th-grade boys basketball, $3,937 (10.5 percent), BA 2 ($37,496), replacing Brennan Rath, 11/20/2017; Diane Santala, SHS, cashier, $14.18/hour, R1, S1, three hours/day, replacing Cecilia Fiedler, 9/29/2017; Jacob Smith, SHS, ninth-grade boys basketball, $3,053 (8.35 percent), BA 1 ($36,559), replacing Kyle Grote, 11/20/2017; Melissa Smith, Early Childhood, teacher, $26.25/hour, BA, S3, rehire, 8/29/2017; Zach Steffl, SHS, ninth-grade boys basketball, $3,053 (8.35 percent), BA 1 ($36,559), replacing Ryan Hiltner, 11/20/2017; Zach Steffl, SHS, Math League advisor, $823 (2.25 percent), BA 1 ($36,559), replacing Sarah Hensel, 11/6/2017; Emily Yule, Early Childhood, teacher, $29.74/hour, BA 20, S3, rehire, 8/29/2017.

Leaves of Absence:

Jill Ambrosier, ORE, teacher, LOA, revised dates: 9/10/17 – 12/11/17; Alyssa Kasella, DSC, child-care attendant, LOA, 11/28/17 – 2/20/18.

All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Marushin and seconded by Raden to ALLOW THE SUPERINTENDENT TO PROVIDE AN IN-KIND DONATION TO THE CITY OF SARTELL FOR CHAMPION FIELD AS PRESENTED. All in favor. Motion carried.


Schedule Work Session and Committee Meetings:

  • Operations and Finance Meeting – Tuesday, Oct. 24 – District Services Center – 5:30 p.m.
  • District Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Advisory Committee Meeting – Tuesday, Oct. 24 – District Services Center – 7:30 a.m.
  • Steering Committee Meeting – Wednesday, Oct. 25 – District Services Center – 1 p.m.
  • Teacher Negotiations – Monday, Oct. 30 – District Services Center – 5 p.m.
  • Future Board Meeting – Monday, Nov. 20 – District Services Center – 6 p.m.
  • School Board Work Session – Wednesday, Nov. 8 – District Services Center – 5 p.m.
  • Policy Committee Meeting – Tuesday, Oct. 24 – District Services Center – 6:30 p.m.

The Board took a five-minute recess at 7:19 p.m. The meeting resumed at 7:27 p.m.

A motion was made by Marushin and seconded by Kramer TO CLOSE THE MEETING FOR NEGOTIATIONS STRATEGY PURSUANT TO MN STAT. 13D.03. All in favor. Motion carried. Business Director Steve Wruck and Human Resources Director Krista Durrwachter were invited to join the discussion.

A motion was made by Marushin and seconded by Raden at 7:57 p.m. TO OPEN THE MEETING. All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion to ADJOURN THE MEETING AT 7:58 p.m. was made by Marushin and seconded by Snoberger. All in favor. Motion carried.


/s/ Pamela Raden, clerk

Publish: Nov. 24, 2017

Author: Janelle Von Pinnon

Von Pinnon has been publishing the St. Joseph Newsleader since 1989, the Sartell-St. Stephen Newsleader since 1995 and the Sauk Rapids-Rice Newsleader since 2015. She graduated from Minnesota State University-Moorhead with degrees in mass communications (with an emphasis on print journalism) and biology. She lives in southeast St. Cloud with her husband and two children.

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