Nov. 7 Sartell police blotter

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If you have a tip concerning a crime, call the Sartell Police Department at 320-251-8186 or Tri-County Crime Stoppers at 320-255-1301, or access its tip site at Crime Stoppers offers rewards up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for a crime. This information is submitted by the Sartell Police Department.

Oct. 31

11:10 a.m. Theft, CR 120. Officers were called about an individual who had taken items from a store without paying for them. The store employee watched the individual on camera. Officers issued a citation for the stolen items.

Nov. 1

3:15 p.m. Traffic stop. Second Street S. An officer witnessed a vehicle come across a bridge at a high rate of speed. The officer stopped the vehicle. The driver admitted to the speed and had thought the speed limit was different than what was posted. Officer issued a citation for the infraction.

Nov. 2

10:30 a.m. Fraud. Pinecone Road N. Officers spoke with an individual who was the victim of fraud. The individual was disputing the charges on his card that were made out of state and officers took his statement.

Nov. 3

4 p.m. Traffic stop. Riverside Avenue S. An officer witnessed a vehicle traveling without headlights during inclement weather. When stopped to address the issue it was discovered the driver had a revoked license. The driver was cited for the infraction and the officer allowed a licensed driver to take possession of the vehicle.

Nov. 4

10:50 p.m. Traffic stop. Highway 15. An officer witnessed a vehicle driving without safety equipment. When stopped, the driver of the vehicle admitted to officers that she had a revoked license. When asked if there was anything in the vehicle, the individual admitted to possession of narcotics and paraphernalia. The narcotics and paraphernalia were seized and the driver was issued a citation for the infractions. The passenger in the vehicle took over for the driver and both were released.

Nov. 5

1:15 a.m. Suspicious items. Second Street S. Officers were called by a concerned citizen about a large quantity of drugs being placed in a garbage can. Officers searched the garbage can and discovered a significant amount of marijuana and other drugs. Officers seized the items and retrieved the video surveillance footage showing who put the items in the garbage can.

Nov. 6

10:15 a.m. Fire. Riverside Avenue S. Officers were dispatched to a fire on Riverside Avenue where a large amount of smoke could be seen coming from the building. The officers evacuated nearby homeowners and worked traffic control to ensure a safe distance away from the fire. The officer rerouted traffic until it was safe to return to using Riverside Avenue.

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