Plowing plan approved for former St. Joseph Township

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by Mike Knaak

Residents in the recently annexed portions of St. Joseph Township should continue to see the same level of snow plowing service after the St. Joseph City Council acted Jan. 16.

The council voted to continue contracting with Astech Corp. for snow removal in portions of the former township.

According to documents submitted to the council, a two-inch snowfall takes 4.5 hours to plow and 10 tons of salt to clear the roads at a cost of $2,092.

The city does not have the staff or the equipment to take on plowing the additional streets, according to the Public Works Department.

The council approved the agreement for the rest of this winter and it will be re-evaluated next fall.

In 2019, the city will receive revenues from the former township that include cable, gas and electric franchise fees, mining/gravel taxes and solar revenue that will go toward the added plowing cost.

Author: Mike Knaak

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