Public notice: Sartell-St. Stephen school board minutes – July 15, 2019

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JULY 15, 2019


The regular school board meeting of Independent School District 748 was called to order at 5 p.m. by Chair Jason Nies. Members present: Nies, chair; Jeremy Snoberger, vice chair; Pamela Raden, clerk; Amanda Byrd, treasurer; Patrick Marushin, director; and Jeff Schwiebert, superintendent. Members absent: Lesa Kramer, director.

A motion was made by Raden and seconded by Snoberger to APPROVE THE AGENDA AS PRESENTED. All in favor. Motion carried.

During the opportunity for public comment, Shawn Willis, 1204 Huntington Drive S., spoke on the topic of the district’s decision-making process on holding students back a grade. Jessica Andrewsen, 230 Kings Way, spoke on the topic of full-time PSEO students not being announced to stand during graduation. Emily Andrewsen, 230 Kings Way, spoke on the topic of full-time PSEO students not being issued a district-provided computer.

A motion was made by Marushin and seconded by Byrd to APPROVE CONSENT ITEMS A-E AS PRESENTED BELOW. All in favor. Motion carried.

           a.     Minutes of the regular school board meeting held on June 17, 2019

           b.     Checks in the amount of $2,022,451.29 as presented:

                           General Fund                                                                                1,621,521.16

                           Food Service Fund                                                                           21,084.93

                           Transportation Fund                                                                        34,118.73

                          Community Service Fund                                                               25,097.87

                          Capital Expenditure Fund                                                            295,509.27

                         Scholarship Trust Fund                                                                  17,200.00

                         Summer Rec Agency Fund                                                               7,919.33

                         Check numbers 175629 – 175856


                  Receipts in the amount of $4,863,983.44 as presented:

                        General Fund                                                                             2,879,148.96

                        Food Service Fund                                                                         93,186.96

                        Transportation Fund                                                                    53,238.02

                       Community Service Fund                                                          103,222.01

                       Capital Expenditure Fund                                                                966.38

                      Building Fund                                                                                  16,419.54

                      Debt Service Fund                                                                     1,696,344.57

                      Scholarship Trust                                                                             1,500.00

                      Summer Rec Agency Fund                                                           19,957.00

                      Receipts 46194 – 46296


                  Wire transfers in the amount of $2,021,087.03 as presented:

                       General Fund                                                                                110,055.53

                       Food Service Fund                                                                           2,019.26

                       Transportation Fund                                                                      6,222.17

                       Capital Expenditure Fund                                                            19,156.45

                       Debt Service Fund                                                                    1,881,725.00

                       Summer Rec Agency Fund                                                            1,908.92

                       Wire transfers 201800114, 201800128-201800151 & 201900001-201900021


               Building Fund Checks in the amount of $3,311,613.20 as presented:

                     Building Fund                                                                            3,311,613.70

                     Check numbers 600591 to 600632

           c. Accept the following donations:

               Northern Metal Products, Sartell High School, $6,500, 1 – Prototype welding table and 50 percent of the cost of 11 welding tables.

           d. Accept the resignation of Felicia Kittok, DSC, assistant director of food service, 7/26/19; Nicole Schmitt, SMS, teacher, 7/25/19; Jacqlyn Schultz, ORE,                speech language pathologist, 6/24/19; Sara Yarand, SHS, para, 7/15/19.

           e. Approval of District Surplus Auction on Aug. 16, 2019 at the old Sartell High School.

Student Representative Report:

  • No report.

Construction Manager Report on Building Process:

  • Construction Manager Lee Gruen reported the Principal and office staff will start moving to the new high school tomorrow. The bulk of the construction will be complete in July with inspections of the elevator and fire-alarm systems being signed off on and plumbing and electrical inspections are nearing completion. Punch lists are being finished up and the building will be handed over at the beginning of August. At the old high school almost all contracts have been returned and a pre-construction meeting will be coming soon.

Superintendent Report: Jeff Schwiebert, Superintendent

  • Schwiebert reported with the weather this summer the grounds crew has been pushed to the max to maintain the grounds and will be a challenge going forward in determining staff versus acreage. This will also be a time to have a conversation about use fees for outside fields. The planned summer projects are going well, with the only exception being the large rain on the fourth of July damaging the District Service Center gym. The district partnership with Partners for School Success has improved since the organization joined the United Way after their struggles a year ago.  

School Board Committee Report:

  • Chair Nies reported on the Director of Human Resources job posting.
  • Clerk Raden reported on the Communications Committee meeting she attended.

District Technology Report:

  • Director of Technology Kyle Breitkreutz reported on technology platforms and use across the district.

A motion was made by Marushin and seconded by Snoberger to APPROVE #1-8:

New Employees/Changes:

Bart Appleton, DSC, Director of Human Resources, $82,950, .9115 FTE, replacing Krista Durrwachter, 8/1/2019; Riane Beebe, ORE, SPED, $40,371, BA, Step A, name correction, 8/21/2019; Vanessa Brenny, SHS, assistant volleyball, $3,649 (9.5 percent), BA, 0 ($38,410), replacing Brenda Holter, 9/12/2019; Natalie Helgerson, SHS, ninth-grade volleyball, $4,022 (9.5 percent), BA, C ($42,334), replacing Madelyn Zinken, 9/12/2019; Jake Helmin, SHS, ninth-grade football, $4,033 (10.5 percent), BA, 0 ($38,410), replacing Sean Minder, 9/12/2019; Mallory Johnson, SMS, math – seventh-grade/intervention, $42,334, BA, Step C, replacing Nicole Schmitt, 8/21/2019; Brad Scherer, SHS, assistant football, $4,239 (10.5 percent), BA, A ($40,371), replacing Jerome Nemanich, 8/12/2019.

Leaves of Absence:

Nick Koubsky, SHS, Teacher, LOA, 9/7-19-9/20/19. 

All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Raden and seconded by Snoberger to APPROVE THE LONG-TERM FACILITY MAINTENANCE TEN-YEAR EXPENDITURE APPLICATION. All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Snoberger and seconded by Marushin to APPROVE 2019-2020 DISTRICT EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK REVISIONS AS PRESENTED.   All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Snoberger and seconded by Byrd to APPROVE THE RESOLUTION RELATING TO


Schedule Work Session and Committee Meetings:

  • Future Board Work Session – Monday, Aug. 12 @ District Service Center – 7:30 p.m.
  • Future Board Meeting – Monday, Aug. 19 @ District Service Center – 5 p.m.

Committee assignments were reviewed.

A motion to ADJOURN THE MEETING AT 6:03 p.m. was made by Raden and seconded by Marushin. All in favor. Motion carried.                  

Pamela Raden, Clerk

Publish: Aug. 23, 2019

Author: Janelle Von Pinnon

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