Read knows government like a carpenter knows a blueprint

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Jim Graeve, St. Joseph

Jim Read is running for the Minnesota House of Representatives from District 13A that runs from Paynesville to St. Joseph.

I’ve known Jim Read for nearly 30 years, and hiring Jim to work for us as our representative in the legislature is kind of like hiring a carpenter to build a house. Jim knows government like a carpenter knows a blueprint.

Besides getting his Ph.D. from Harvard University, Jim Read has taught government for more than 30 years at SJU and St. Ben’s; has been chairman of a local political party; ran for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1992 – when he was a relative newcomer, losing by 98 votes to a five-term mayor of St. Joseph.

Jim lives up to his slogan “Hard-Working People Deserve a Hard-Working Rep.” He earned an Eagle Scout as a young man, earned a Merit Scholarship to the University of Chicago, a superb athlete winning a Division III five-state 400 meter championship, knocked on over 7,000 homes since beginning his campaign.

Jim Read listens and talks to all voters regardless of their political views or beliefs.

We are extremely fortunate to have someone like Jim Read take on this job, especially in the divided state and nation.

So if you want someone who will listen to your concerns, knows government like a plumber knows a pipe wrench, will hit the job running, Jim Read is the man to vote for on Nov. 6.

Author: Mike Knaak

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