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Ron Scarbro –
I was watching a discussion the other day between some Democrats and some Republicans. The Dems were saying this country is in trouble because the Reps are refusing to compromise their positions. The Reps were saying the country is in trouble because of the policies of the Dems and the only way to fix the mess is to turn away from those policies and return to fiscal sanity. The debate reminded me of two football teams facing each other on the 50-yard line with neither side able to move the other. As a result, nothing gets accomplished. Nobody scores.
The election showed us clearly the country is almost equally divided between those two positions. It also showed us this situation of deadlock must be desirable because the electorate continued the stalemate by their election choices. When a stalemate happens in a football game, the soccer-style kicker is called upon to come out and kick a field goal. That usually is not very satisfying, but it at least brings about an end to the deadlock. I believe what is needed in this country is a good field-goal kicker.
I have written before Republicans do Republican things because it’s what they believe. Democrats do Democrat things because it’s what they believe. For either side of this debate to say, “Be reasonable; do it my way” is ridiculous. Most Republicans probably think if they caved to the demands of the Democrats, the country would suffer irreparable harm. I’m pretty sure the Democrats feel the same way. At least I hope their thoughts are more with the country and not just with their political parties or with their own particular political futures. This is what I know, however: If compromise is not reached, the country will suffer and possibly more than either side could ever repair. The so-called “fiscal cliff” we are facing is a reality. It isn’t going away. If it happens, Greece will look like a Sunday school picnic.
The people we have chosen to represent us are our employees. They answer to us. They are charged with the responsibility of doing the business of government. The economic mess we are in is their doing. It’s not the failure of the American people. It’s the failure of their elected representatives. All citizens in this country need to write their representatives and give them the following message: Put your party affiliation aside, do a quick re-read of the Constitution, swallow your egotistical pride and compromise for the good of America. Unscrew what you have screwed up. Failure to act is a criminal offense and you will be held liable, period.
The election is over. The country has chosen. For better or worse, the status quo has been re-elected. Many of you do not like the results. Many do. Today it does not matter. What matters is the people we have chosen to get the job done need to get busy with that job and get it done. Failure truly is not an option.
We all have our opinions as to what is the best policy for this government. The resolution to the fiscal mess we are in will probably have to take on some from both sides. Like a field goal, it probably won’t be totally satisfying to either side, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is resolution be found and compromise be reached. Another thing is crystal clear. Both Obama and the Congress are equally responsible for our situation and they both will be held accountable.

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