Sartell resident says ‘I am one ticked off housewife’

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Anna Robinson, Sartell resident

“Are we fighting a war on terror or aren’t we? Was it not, started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on Sept. 11, 2001 and have continually threatened to do so since?

Were people from all over the world, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from the capital of this great country and in a field in Pennsylvania?

Did nearly 3,000 men, women and children die a horrible burning or crushing death that day, or didn’t they?

Do you think I care about four U.S. Marines urinating on some dead Taliban insurgents?

And I’m supposed to care that a few Taliban were claiming to be tortured by a justice system of a nation they are fighting against in brutal insurgency.

I’ll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere belief of which is a crime punishable by beheading in Afghanistan…

I’ll care when these thugs tell the world they are sorry for hacking off Nick Berg’s head, while Berg screamed through a gurgling slashed throat.

I’ll care when the cowardly so-called insurgents in Afghanistan, come out and fight like men, instead of disrespecting their own religion by hiding in Mosques and behind women and children.

I’ll care when the mindless zealots who blow themselves up in search of Nirvana, care about the innocent children within range of their suicide bombs.

I’ll care when the U.S. media stops pretending their freedom of speech on stories is more important than the lives of soldiers on the ground or their families waiting at home, to hear about them when something happens.

In the meantime, when I hear a story about a soldier or marine roughing up an insurgent terrorist to obtain information, know this: I don’t care.

When I see a wounded terrorist get shot in the head when he is not to move because he might be booby-trapped, you can take it to the bank: I don’t care, shoot him again.

I don’t care, when I hear a prisoner, who was issued a Koran and a prayer mat and fed special food, that is paid for by my tax dollars is complaining his holy book is being mishandled, you can absolutely believe in your hearts: I don’t care.

And oh, by the way, I’ve noticed that sometimes it is spelt “Koran” and other times “Quran.” Well, Jimmy Cracked Corn, you guessed it, I don’t care.

Only two defining forces have ever died for you.

1. Jesus Christ

2. Our men and women of Allied and U.S. fighting forces.

One died for your soul and the other for you, your children and their children’s freedom.

Amen! God Bless America and the free world. “Home of the brave and land of the free.” Let us keep it that way.

Author: Janelle Von Pinnon

Von Pinnon has been publishing the St. Joseph Newsleader since 1989, the Sartell-St. Stephen Newsleader since 1995 and the Sauk Rapids-Rice Newsleader since 2015. She graduated from Minnesota State University-Moorhead with degrees in mass communications (with an emphasis on print journalism) and biology. She lives in southeast St. Cloud with her husband and two children.

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