School board thanks community for serving Sartell-St. Stephen students

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Jeremy Snoberger, Jason Nies, Patrick Marushin, Lesa Kramer, Pam Raden and Amanda Byrd – Sartell-St. Stephen school board members

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our teachers, staff and administration in the Sartell-St Stephen school district for the amazing way they have stepped up to serve our students and community in this difficult and unprecedented time.

We are proud of how everyone has done whatever they can to make this the best situation possible for our kids. While we know the current situation was not our first choice, we are thankful for the way it has been embraced by our staff, students and community.

The words “It takes a village” have never been truer than in this pandemic, and we understand it is not easy. We thank all of our parents for the extra work they are doing to help their students engage and learn.

We thank our business community and churches, and so many individuals who have stepped up to offer meals, deliver supplies, care for the children of first responders and our staff. We are always proud to live in amazing cities like Sartell and St Stephen, but in times like this we see the strength of people serving each other and it is beautiful!

This is far from over, and as our nation, state and local officials have said, there is a long road before us, but we want you to know the people of District 748 will be here with you all along the way. The partnership we have had from the very beginning with officials from the cities and county, as well as business and other local support has shown our character and perseverance as a community. Please do everything you can to support our local business community.

Success is fun. Growth is exciting. Accomplishments are important. But you find out who you are when you face adversity, and a challenge is placed before you that you can’t beat alone. In these past weeks we have seen the potential in our community.

We are thankful to serve District 748, and all of the amazing teachers, staff, students and families that are a part of this community. Let’s rise up together and continue to live Sabre Strong!


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