Scrooge and Mr. Grinch deserve better treatment

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Luke Green, Sartell

During this holiday season I urge community members to be mindful of the transformative power of the Christmas spirit. It presents itself in many forms: goodwill, kindness, altruism and forgiveness. Two gentleman I believe that are in need of better treatment this holiday season, and henceforth, are Ebenezer Scrooge and Mr. Grinch.

One hundred seventy-five  years ago, Ebenezer had a bad trip and did some soul-searching. The result being that he has made a complete and purposeful change in how he feels about the holidays and how he treats his employees year-round. Mr. Grinch is no different. Sixty-one years ago, after being victimized by the townsfolk of Whoville for years, he channeled his frustration in counterproductive ways that weren’t very chill. Cindy Lou called him on it and together they righted his wrongs all while he was dealing with an untreated case of cardiomegaly.

The Christmas season is about growth and development into becoming more perfect stewards of the Christmas spirit. How are both of these guys rewarded for doing just that? By becoming pejorative taunts that are lobbed by supposed Christians who feel that another’s outward expression of Christmas falls short of their arbitrary and sanctimonious standards.

I encourage you to celebrate Christmas, or any other holiday as you see fit; however, I implore you to remember how both Misters Scrooge and Grinch’s good names should no longer be viewed in a negative light and rather be heralded as exemplars of the Christmas spirit.

Author: Mike Knaak

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