Somali families join community garden work

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Announcements brought to you by Cultural Bridges of St. Joseph, a committee of Central Minnesota Community Empowerment Organization. We are dedicated to ease your transition into our community.

The Cultural Bridges Steering Committee worked with a number of Somali families for their first attempt at gardening at the Monastery of St. Benedict community gardens on June 2.

After weeks of planning by Cultural Bridges members Mary Quinlivan, Marlys Pennertz, Susan Sink and Julie Jordon, planting day arrived. Following the initial sign-in and short instructional session, aided by interpreters, immigrants and volunteers paired up and dug in.

The teams raked the lumps out of the soil and sowed special seeds obtained from Somalia.

Kaidance Stephens, a sixth-grader from St. Joseph Catholic School, joined Barey Aden, a widowed mother of 10, in a joint effort to make straight rows.

The next step is to do some training about how to take care of a garden and then to get the gardeners together in September to review what worked and what to improve next year. 

If you have any questions, please contact Juliana Howard at 715-791-8976 or Khadija Salah at 320-345-0593. Please share this message with other refugees and immigrants you know who live in St. Joseph.

contributed photo

contributed photo
Marlys Pennertz offers instructions before beginning planting at the community garden.

contributed photo
St. Joseph Catholic School sixth-grader Kaidance Stephens worked with Barey Aden.

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