Some motorists confused by left-turning light

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by Dennis Dalman

Some Sartell residents – and visitors to the city – are confused about a new traffic light, according to Sartell Mayor Joe Perske, who has heard from the concerned citizens.

Perske suggested the Newsleader clarify the proper way for motorists to comply with the left-turn light.

Recently, a left-turn traffic-light addition was installed by the Stearns County Highway Department at the intersection of CR 120 and Pinecone Road. A flashing yellow left-turn arrow was added to help motorists make left turns in a timely, efficient manner.

Motorists should remember to do the following:

• If the left-turn arrow is red, stay stopped.

• If the left-turn arrow changes to flashing yellow, motorists can turn left but only after yielding   to oncoming traffic.

• If the left-turn arrow is solid (non-blinking yellow), motorists should prepare to stop or finish their left turns.

• If the left-turn arrow is solid green, it means left-turning drivers have the right of way and may proceed with their left turns without worrying about oncoming traffic.

Author: Christian Gilman

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