Spring, what a joy you bring

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Ron Marquette, Sartell

Hope springs anew as the sun splashes its warmness on a cold-infested world.

The sound of melting, rushing water can be heard as it makes its frantic way down a bustling creek.

That cool freshness of the air as it wholly consumes your senses.

The contagious laughter of children playing outside can again be heard through an open window.

The skip in your walk as you take in the newness and the sweetness of the season.

Backyard birds can be heard singing their spring concert of song in unison.

That old oak tree with its barren branches gets new buds – and new life.

A soft warm breeze blows that seems to engulf you totally, as you take it all in.

Beauty unfolds as pansies and daffodils pop from the earth – and a garden awakens from its rest.

A rake, a garden hoe, have new purpose after resting for a season in that barnwood shed

The green greenness of everything as the rolling meadow comes to life.

Winter has loosened its grip and we feel free again.

Oh Spring – what a joy you bring to a winter-weary heart!

I have waited all season for you.

Author: Mike Knaak

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