St. Joseph: Contact your elected officials before it’s too late

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With a new year comes a new team of elected leaders and a list of issues for them to tackle.

Some of those issues linger from year to year, unsolved because politicians couldn’t agree, the solutions cost too much or because there’s not enough pressure from voters to find an answer.

One way individual voters can act is to contact their elected leaders. Often, those phone calls and emails only are sent when a voter is upset by an action. And sometimes that’s too late.

After the Legislature, the city council or the school board acts, it’s too late to change the policy. About all you can do is be mad. But that’s not very helpful.

To encourage early and frequent communication with your elected leaders, we’re listing their contact information and we hope you’ll share your thoughts on current issues now instead of just getting mad later.

One new member joined the St. Joseph City Council this year, Brian Theisen. Mayor Rick Schultz and council member Anne Buckvold were re-elected.

Here’s their contact information:

Mayor Rick Schultz


Council members:

Bob Loso

Ph: 320-363-8703

Anne Buckvold


Troy Goracke


Brian Theisen


The St. Joseph area has new representatives in the Legislature. Longtime member of the House of Representatives, Jeff Howe, now represents District 13 in the Senate. Former Rocori school board member Lisa Demuth won election to Howe’s 13A House seat.

Sen. Jeff Howe

95 University Avenue W.

Minnesota Senate Building, Room 3231

St. Paul, Minn. 55155


Rep. Lisa Demuth

223 State Office Building

St. Paul, Minn. 55155


Three new members were elected to the St. Cloud school board in 2018 joining four incumbents. The members are:

Al Dahlgren, 320-492-4790

Zachary Dorholt, 320-224-0784

Les Green, 320-253-6613

Shannon Haws, 320-250-3893

Jeff Pollreis, 320-248-3436

Natalie Ringsmuth


Monica Segura-Schwartz, 320-492-3775

By connecting with your elected officials, you can help shape the discussions and the solutions to the issues they are trying to solve on our behalf.

Constructive suggestions and opinions are much more useful in producing a satisfying solution than angry calls and emails after a final decision has been made.

Author: Mike Knaak

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