Stop attacking Trump

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Mark Pelham, Sartell

I’m mystified as to why your opinion page spews one-sided political vitriol every week. In the latest edition, the editorial and both opinion pieces are basically attacks on President Trump. Enough already. Embrace the fact your readership is not as liberal as you are.

I usually skip the page entirely because I’ve seen so little content that had any local issues in mind and I’ve yet to see anything remotely objective or balanced. I get it you hate President Trump and can’t resist attacking him continually. We’re all well aware of this by now, so maybe stopping would be the rational thing to do. What about focusing on local or regional issues? I would be happy to read opinions on current events in the area.

I’ve read with interest the stories on the proposed hockey rink; maybe an editorial would be in order? Try to function like a small, local paper, not the New York Times. Please save your rants for your own Facebook and Twitter feeds like everyone else.

Author: Ellarry Prentice

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