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Chris Stanley, Sartell

This year, the Sartell-St. Stephen School District is asking our community to support its plan to operate, educate and innovate.


It’s important to support our educators’ efforts to prepare students for life beyond the classroom. Voting yes helps maintain class sizes, provides personalized learning and expands programs vital to student success. As our community grows, it’s important to have quality educational facilities, technology and services.


Voting yes provides the district with the means to operate and maintain its expanded facilities. The investment goes beyond pre-K-12 students as these facilities are used by the Community Education program for everyone from toddlers to seniors. Community organizations benefit from the multi-purpose fields for softball, lacrosse, baseball and more. This investment promotes a vibrant, active and healthy community.


Technology is changing the world as we know it. Computers, robots and automation will continue to replace repetitive and transactional work. Education must evolve to meet these new realities. Long gone are the days of listening to lectures and copying off the chalkboard. Uniquely human capabilities like art, teamwork, leadership, collaboration and creativity are critical to students’ futures. Voting yes supports our educators’ endeavors to respond to this daunting and exciting shift.


The district has demonstrated strong planning to provide the facilities, environment and modernization needed to invest in our students and community. Now it is our turn as voters to invest and partner to make this work successful. A healthy and successful school district makes our community an attractive place to live and leads to increased property values.

By voting yes, we invest in our students who interact directly with our community today through programs like the partnership with Orthopedic Sports Center, as customers and employees of our local businesses, as volunteers in senior centers and more.

By voting yes, we invest in our graduates who come back to our community as doctors, nurses, business owners, elected officials, bankers, educators and more.

Please join me, and vote yes to an investment in the future of our community.

Author: Mike Knaak

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