Wear your mask with patriotic pride

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Jean Abercrombie, St. Joseph

Since I moved from Amarillo, Texas, I have loved going to the post office here in St. Joseph.  Being used to waiting in long, time-consuming lines, I found the line, if one at all, short here in St. Jo(seph) and the employees especially cordial and friendly, and, well, yes, just MINNESOTA NICE!

 Due to the Covid Quarantine, I made a long-needed but delayed visit last week to see the friendly faces at the desk and mail some packages.

I, of course, found the above to be true as always, but I also found an amazingly efficient and organized method of quarantine safe service. First of all, several patrons waited patiently in a line of four or five people that stretched out to the lobby.  It was long only because everyone was carefully and safely “social distancing” several feet apart, and everyone was wearing the mandated quarantine mask. 

While Texas has one of the highest number of covid cases in the country, we here in Minnesota have been steadily rising from our low numbers. In hopes of staying low, however, I do encourage everyone in my adoptive town to wear your mask with patriotic pride:  wear it for your children, wear it for your parents, wear it for your grandparents.  Wear it for your country:  It is the patriotic thing to do.  And it is MINNESOTA NICE! 

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