With no defense, we must accept Covid-19

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Denis Grossen, Sartell

We are not containing Covid-19 and nobody is nor will in the foreseeable future. It is long overdue for the so-called experts to admit their ignorance and incompetence. Forecast after forecast and model after model have been proven false.

The governor of New York state was screaming day after day for 30,000 ventilators and more hospital beds that he never needed nor used. With a per capita death rate of 1,600 per million he is now claiming he has contained the virus, really!

Same with the primary election in Wisconsin: on April 7, Wisconsin had 2,500 confirmed cases and 92 deaths; Minnesota, neighbor with a similarly sized population, had 1,400 cases and 34 deaths. On June 25, Wisconsin reported 26,277 confirmed cases and 766 deaths, Minnesota, 34,616 cases and 1,406 deaths!

The aim of the virus is to infect at least 60 percent of a population before subsiding and eventually vanishing. CLOSE AND PROLONGED exposure to a carrier is required to be infected and only N-95 masks provide real protection, not cloth masks.  It’s just plain common sense to anticipate for the per capita death rate to be substantially similar from one sate to another. California, Texas and Florida have reached death rates of 147, 80 and 156 respectively as of June 25. These states have not experienced a similar level of infection as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Massachusetts (all above 1,000 deaths per million) and large increases in cases are therefore not surprising at all.

Natural selection is at play with people the least adaptable to changes and to this virus losing their life and the majority of people infected suffering no or only slight effects. Some of us are born with strong immune systems capable to resist a vast array of pathogens but some of us are unfortunately born with compromised immune systems, susceptible to infectious diseases.

Our high per capita death rate is due to the low quality of our vaccines and contamination of the blood bank. In the United States, vaccines containing animal material (like flu vaccine) and the blood supply are not fully tested for the presence of retro-viruses making us more susceptible to serious complications from this type of infection.

The Covid-19 virus is a form of defense from our planet against our inability to control our population explosion and our abuse of all resources. The human race is not the dominant species despite 2,000 years of religions that have propagated this fallacy, bacteria and viruses are. We have no defense, no cure against Covid-19, we must accept it.

Author: Mike Knaak

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