13B canidate for Minnesota House of Representatives

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Shannon Schroeder
Schroeder announces candidacy for Minnesota House of Representatives, District 13B
Shannon Schroeder of Rice filed for the office of Minnesota State Representative in District 13B. Schroeder grew up in a middle class family in rural Todd County. She attended the College of St. Benedict and graduated in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and obtained a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at St. Cloud State University in 2006.
Schroeder has worked in a variety of fields Central Minnesota residents can relate to. Schroeder was a certified nursing assistant in a nursing home, a job coach for people with disabilities, worked in a treatment facility for juveniles, assisted families with children in Head Start programs, worked retail and fast food, and for the last five years has been advocating for workers and their rights.
Schroeder knows the value of hard work and the challenges of today’s young students, workers and families. While attending college, Schroeder worked three and four jobs to make ends meet. She understands what it’s like to carry student debt. As a single parent, Schroeder knows the importance of making sound and wise investments that allow young families to recognize their full potential. She has seen first-hand how state investments in healthcare programs, early childhood education and higher education can help families maximize their potential. Schroeder is also well aware of how the housing crisis has impacted Central Minnesota families and knows what it’s like trying to sell your home after housing values plummeted.
“Middle class families have been hit hard by the recession and with the decisions lawmakers have made,” Schroeder said. “Education shifts have left our schools struggling to provide needed services while the elimination of the homestead property tax credit has caused significant property tax increases in our area. Middle-class families have seen their property values decrease while their taxes increase within the city, county and school district level because of the decisions made in St. Paul and I understand first hand how this has impacted our families. I look forward to representing the citizens of District 13B, and working hard for middle-class working families and finding common sense, reasonable solutions for our community and state.”

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