Goodbyes are essential

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Nancy Streng, ISD 742
elementary counselor

It is striking to me, during the last days of school, how essential goodbyes are. Non-school folks might not understand. They might say “the last days are wasted,” “the kids have already checked out,” or “it’s just babysitting,” but then, they would be missing the real impact of what is taking place. What might look to some as insignificant activities is actually a crucial time of transition. Our lives, our children’s lives, are made up of ongoing relationships, some temporary and some permanent. How we treat those relationships, how we bring closure, and say goodbye makes a difference. Healthy and necessary conclusion to a school year of people who have been united for nine months is anything but inconsequential. The stage is being set for the next relationships our children experience and how we say goodbye makes a difference. The real activities happening fill the air with a sense of accomplishment and growth. Time is taken to acknowledge one another and the importance of the relationships that have taken place. Smiles are experienced in a way that has special meaning. Final words are spoken with truth and from the heart. I know that, in these last few days of school, students are really learning life lessons of trust, keeping promises, supporting others, making amends and looking to the future.

Author: Christian Gilman

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