Aim to find ‘a little good news’ each day

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Barbara Nelson, Sartell

Recently a friend talked to me about the troubled world we currently live in and that it’s challenging to have
hope for better times. I remember Anne Murray’s song with the words, “We sure could use a little good news today.”

I have decided to think positively about our world and what goes on around me so I can be the optimist I want to be. So here goes!

President Trump has insisted coal still be a viable option for electricity. In spite of this, I see numerous solar-
powered plants all over the countryside, as well as many wind turbine farms. The energy-efficient options continue to prevail.

It is tough to find proof the present leadership respects women and their role in society. Thus, it pleases me in the upcoming election, more women than usual are running for political office. There is hope.

St. Cloud can be proud considering the acceptance of the diverse populations in the community. At times attempts have been made to block the openness the St. Cloud area promotes, yet the optimistic spirit of the community still marches on. All of this makes me have hope there are many folks who care about the right things.

I was pleased when our granddaughter told me last year she learned in school about being aware of what news is fake, what is real. Perhaps the younger generation will learn from this generation what is truly best for our country.

So, we cannot give up hope. We must continue to strive to be our best where we are and not let others get us
down. Aim to find “a little good news” each day.

Author: Mike Knaak

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