Don’t blame Trump for following the law

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Nancy Schramel, Sartell

Our President Donald Trump is the voice of the patriotic American people!

We proudly stand with him to honor and defend our country, flag and veterans. He won the election which speaks volumes. He is strong and a very great leader. He is not racist. He is stopping Planned Parenthood from killing babies of EVERY race. He is trying to keep out radical Islamic terrorists who torture, rape and kill many people throughout the world. He is trying to keep out violent gangs and MS13, drugs and more.

ICE cannot be eliminated or there will be more violence in the country. We need the wall and that would stop chaos and crime. No one should be shocked some children have been separated from their parents. If we do something illegal that puts us in jail, we will be separated from our children and this was carried out by Clinton, Bush and Obama with minimum outcry. So don’t blame President Trump for following the law.

Author: Mike Knaak

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