Chef Koster cooks meals in homes

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by Dennis Dalman Some people day-dream about a fabulous chef magically appearing in the home kitchen to whip up a delicious dinner. As a long-time caterer, Nina Koster of Sartell has made that dream come true for families – many times. And now, she is about to launch her own business called “My Chef.” There will be a party

McGoldrick enters Sixth District race

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Seeks DFL endorsement to defeat Michele Bachmann in November There are millions of reasons why Brian McGoldrick shouldn’t run against Michele Bachmann, but even more reasons why he is. And why he’ll win. Successful businessman and Democrat Brian McGoldrick recently announced he is seeking the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor endorsement to run for the U.S. House of Representatives this November, on behalf

Death raises questions in gun-crazed culture

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The murder of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., has rightfully raised howls of outrage far and wide. His senseless death, hopefully, will not be forgotten. Maybe, just maybe, we can all learn something from it and start facing head-on the problems caused by this gun-crazed culture. Martin’s killer – 28-year-old George Zimmerman – was not arrested simply because he claimed

Community Gardens has waiting list

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Even though there is a waiting list for the Sartell Community Gardens, city residents are welcome to add their names to the list – which is a fairly short list. There is always a possibility those who have signed up might move or decide they don’t want a patch after all, as planting time approaches – sometime in mid-May. There

Students set electronic-related recycling fundraiser before Sabre Nation Community Service Day

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by Dennis Dalman Anyone in Sartell or St. Stephen with community-service ideas should speak up soon because about 1,000 high-school students are gearing up, ready to roll up their sleeves and work hard to improve their cities. An electronics-related recycling fundraiser will take place Thursday, April 19 and 26 at the school (for more information, see very end of

House approves O’Driscoll-authored bills

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by Dennis Dalman Two bills, both mainly authored by Rep. Tim O’Driscoll (R-Sartell), passed the Minnesota House of Representatives on the same day last week – March 20. Both bills moved on to the Minnesota Senate for consideration. One of O’Driscoll’s bills, which has won both support and opposition statewide, is the School-Trust Land Bill, HF 2244, that proposes

Sartell ‘contingent’ helps bring victories

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by Dennis Dalman Thanks partly to its Sartell “contingent,” the St. John’s University “Johnnies” handily won six of eight games at a baseball tournament recently in Tucson, Ariz. Two pitchers and three coaches for the Johnnies live in, were raised in or work in Sartell. They are coaches Chad Krueger, a Sartell resident who works for Fed Ex; Jason

SMS students earn honors at Science Fair

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Hi, I’m seeking to get a photo for this story. Dennis SMS students earn honors at Science Fair by Dennis Dalman Four Sartell Middle School seventh-graders brought back gold and silver awards from the Minnesota Science and Engineering Fair March 18-20 in Bloomington. One team, comprised of Sam Neuman and Rory Spanier, earned the Gold Award, the top award